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Elementary, Middle & High School: accepting applications for grades 2, 4, 5, 6 & 9.  Learn more about applying! 

NEW for 2024!

The WMS Bothell Campus is expanding, and the High School program has moved into a newly renovated building. Learn more on our Construction & Expansion Plan page. Prospective families will tour the new space, and see a preview of what's still to come later this year, on a campus tour (register for a tour here!).

Preparation for Life

Opened at the request of our parents in September 2014, our High School program is based on a philosophy that honors the individual, respects a variety of learning styles and provides high-challenge educational opportunities to every student. It may be small, but it can be just the right fit for a student who loves to learn, to work in a supportive, close-knit environment and to go deep into subject areas, a student who appreciates finding connections and understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

Flexible learning plans, seminar-style classes, mastery learning and time for reflection give space for deep learning and encourage personal growth. The unique Montessori learning partnership between student and teacher results in young people who can confidently advocate for themselves and others. WMS has been jointly accredited by AMS and NWAIS since the spring of 2006.

Helpful Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about grades 9-12 at WMS. 

FAQs  Course Catalog | 2023-2024

  College Profile | 2023-2024  

College Planning & College Acceptance Map

  Sample Weekly Schedule (Grade 9)   

The WMS Difference

The WMS High School program offers small, personal classes that support independent learning and group discussion. Our integrated programs, providing academic depth and rigor, are explored within a supportive, close-knit community. Some of the classes offered are college-level work.

Our math and science courses focus on strengthening skills, exemplary analytical thinking, and the ability to develop communication and problem-solving strategies.

The program emphasizes product and process, procedural and conceptual understanding, and imagination and creativity. Students are encouraged to be independent learners and compassionate humans, ready to choose a forward path, take on the rigor of college coursework, and value education for life.

Our High School graduates are well-prepared to tackle any future academic challenges. A wide range of colleges and universities, from small liberal arts colleges to STEM schools and research universities all across the world see the value of a WMS education.

Our students are our best representatives. See what a few of our past graduates have to say about their time in the High School program at WMS:

“WMS helped me to understand myself and evaluate what kind of world I want to be in. This knowledge was integral to deciding where to go to college, and how I should spend my time—majors, minors, friends, extracurricular activities—so as to formulate an idea of where I want life to take me.”

“WMS helped me transition when I first left Shanghai and arrived at my new home. I really appreciate the community and the teachers who are always so patient and supportive. I gained a strong interest in social sciences during my time at WMS and am now studying international politics at Occidental College.”

“I like the close community and dedication of the teachers.”

Learning extends beyond the classroom

Essential to a Montessori High School education are the opportunities to participate in service learning, take electives that spur interest and engagement, experience time in nature to develop a connection to the land and take extended trips to explore the wider world.

Our goal is for students to leave WMS with:
  • A sense of their purpose in life.
  • A strong moral compass.
  • A firm academic foundation.
  • The ability to take charge of their learning.
  • The readiness to contribute positively to the world in their own unique way.
An in-depth college planning program

At WMS, we effectively combine the independence of the Montessori philosophy with the strength of a college prep culture. The college counseling philosophy focuses on finding the schools that fit the student rather than molding the student to fit a school. Learn more on the College Planning page.

Is WMS the right fit for my High School student?

The best way to learn if our High School program is a perfect fit for your student is to attend a campus tour, where our Admissions Director will give your family a tour of the program and facility, and will be able to answer any questions. During the school year, a campus tour provides a peek into live classroom instruction.

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