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WMS has thrived because of our exceptional and caring community. Families before us have carried on the tradition and modeled for our children the importance of volunteering and community engagement and we appreciate the continued work of our families to support the school.

Every volunteer hour put in helps our school create community, allows parent and teacher connection, and ensures all students receive the best Montessori education in a supportive and engaging environment.

We ask that each family provide 20 hours of volunteer service per year. Many will give beyond that, further strengthening the school and family partnership, and those who reach or provides more than the 20 hours per year will be invited to an annual appreciation event. 

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Volunteer Requirements

To work directly with students and in classrooms, all volunteers need to complete Volunteer Training (view it here).

This course is offered online and can be accessed at each family member’s convenience via the link above or in the Family Portal under Resource Documents

Directly following the online training, you will be prompted to complete the Volunteer Verification and Agreement and submit additional documents (WATCH background check and immunization proof, if applicable) before you are cleared to volunteer with students. 

Log Volunteer Hours

To submit your volunteer hours, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into Family Portal.
  2. In your account, find Family on the left sidebar, expand the arrow and click on Family Home.
  3. On the Family Home screen, the service hours module will be the center top panel on your screen.
  4. You may see a dropdown above the module to select your name or your partner’s name, if you wish to specifically credit the service hours.
  5. Click “Add+” on the upper right of the module.
  6. Choose a description of your service from the dropdown. (If you are unsure, choose "Other.")
  7. Add a brief note to add detail (if desired).
  8. “Verified by” can be the person in charge of the task (teacher/staff) or leave it blank.
  9. Save the entry.

In addition, if your employer offers monetary donations to match your volunteer hours, we would be grateful if you would request those donations on behalf of WMS. Details can be found by consulting your company’s HR specialist. Thank you!

Contact Director of Development Laureen Ng with any issues or questions about recording your volunteer hours.

Volunteer Hours Matching

Some corporate employers offer monetary donations to match your volunteer hours served and we are grateful to all who request those donations on behalf of WMS. Details can be found by consulting your company’s human resources office. Some local companies with matching programs include Adobe, Boeing, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Expedia, Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks.