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A visionary philosophy

Maria Montessori was a visionary, not only in her philosophy of education, but in many other realms as well. 

“When we took the personality of the child into account in and of itself, and offered it full scope to develop in our schools – where we constructed an environment that answered the needs of his spiritual development – he revealed to us a personality entirely different from the one we had previously taken into consideration…. With his passionate love of order and work, the child gave evidence of intellectual powers vastly superior to what they were presumed to be. It is obvious that in traditional systems of education, the child instinctively resorts to dissembling in order to conceal his capabilities and conform to the expectations of the adults who suppress him.”

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Suggested reading

The following is a very brief reading list for those of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge about Montessori. Many of these books are available in local libraries.

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