WMS risk mitigation measures

Measures to mitigate risk

Woodinville Montessori School has worked hard to put in place many measures that we expect to reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19.

  1. We made adjustments to the North Creek HVAC system to increase the flow of fresh air. At the Woodinville campus, classroom windows can open to admit fresh air. The use of open windows will be monitored to ensure that classrooms maintain a reasonable temperature.
  2. We are restricting access to the interior of buildings to staff and students only.
  3. We require daily health screening of students and staff – Using a screening app called Q-manager, we check that all staff and students have been screened for multiple symptoms of Covid-19. This includes temperature checks. In addition to a screening app, we are visually screening students when they arrive. If we feel that there is a need to do an additional temperature check then we will do so in the parking lot.
  4. If a child shows symptoms during the school day staff will do a temperature check, move child to health room and contact parents/guardians for pick up.
  5. Staff and students are required to wash hands on arrival at the school.
  6. There is increased availability of hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer so that everyone on campus can clean hands as needed.
  7. In order to prevent co-mingling of students we have increased staffing so that we can provide before-and-after care in classrooms or in separated groups outside when student numbers are low.
  8. We have assigned a bathroom to each cohort group to prevent accidental co-mingling.
  9. Each cohort group will have their own water jugs or pitchers for classroom use. No water fountains will be available for student use, again to prevent accidental co-mingling.
  10. We reduced the number of students in rooms to ensure that all students have work spaces that are six feet apart from each other or we have moved classes to larger spaces so that we can meet social distancing guidelines.
  11. All personnel on campus will wear masks when they are around others. Students 5 years old and above are required to wear masks indoors other than when they are eating and drinking. Children 2 years to 5 years of age will be encouraged to wear cloth masks.
  12. We increased our cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and materials.
  13. Some staff will continue to work from home so that we can reduce the number of people in the building.
  14. We are offering increased sick leave for staff so that they can stay home if they are sick.
  15. If symptoms appear during the day for staff they will be sent home immediately.
  16. We have changed our entry and exit procedures to minimize student traffic in the hallways.