The Grapevine, Sept. 2, 2020

THE GRAPEVINE, Sept. 2, 2020

And the school year begins!

Back to School

Toddlers and Early Childhood students started school on Tuesday, while their older schoolmates visited classrooms. Thursday, Sept. 3, is the first day of school for Elementary through High School students, all remote for now. It is also the first day of on-campus child care for Elementary students.

Thank you to all who sent photos of their students in this first week of school. We’re so happy to see all of the faces, both familiar and new.

“He went in with a smile on his face, said goodbye, and didn't even look back!” said parent Adriana of Aedan, new to the Fig class. Lindsay said her kindergartner Thea was “very excited to see her Oak teachers and classmates (in person).”

Horalia said son Alexander was very excited on Tuesday to join the Apple class. Mary said her Oak student Benjamin, had “fun at school” on Tuesday.

“Wyatt jumped out of the car he was so excited!” Nicolette said.

Select a thumbnail in the gallery to see a bigger version, and click through the photos. And please feel free to send more of your first-week photos to Claire.

High school students chalk up visit days

Ash students returned to campus in small groups on Tuesday and Wednesday for visit days. During a collaborative chalk art activity, students stayed socially distanced in separate parking spaces. Each minute, they moved to the next space over and added to the previous artists’ drawing.

Staff greet students, plan and are treated to lunch

Masked and carefully socially distanced, staff taught, provided child care, greeted visiting students, led activities, planned lessons and directed traffic over the past three days. Thank you to parent Jenifer Alyazdi, who provided Panera lunches for staff on Tuesday.


Thursday, Sept. 3
•  EL-SEC remote learning begins
•  Elementary on-campus child care begins
Monday, Sept. 7
Wednesday, Sept. 9
•  Coffee with Sunita via Zoom NEW TIME, 10 a.m. (the link is in your Grapevine email)
Thursday, Sept. 10
•  Volunteer training via Zoom, 9:30 a.m. (the link is in your Grapevine email)
Keep up with the WMS calendar here.

Issues with online payments

If you are experiencing problems while trying to complete web payments at this time, we understand that FACTS’ payment system is not presently functioning well. We ask that parents mail or drop off a check for any current payments due. We hope that FACTS will be able to resolve this issue soon.

No day camps in first semester

WMS will not offer camps on in-service days for any level, during this first semester, due to our policy against commingling of groups. We will evaluate the situation around the new year, and see about offering it in January.

Meet FA leadership during Sept. 9 coffee

Join the Sept. 9 Coffee with Sunita at 10 a.m., and also meet our Family Alliance leadership, Traci Weygandt and Kristin Duin, and hear from them on the role of the Family Alliance, and what will come this year.

Volunteer training on Sept. 10

Intended for our new families, another volunteer training will take place next Thursday, Sept. 10, at 9:30 a.m. Join via the Zoom link in your Grapevine email. This one-time training is typically required for all volunteers who will be working directly with children. But with the current restriction on parents and visitors inside all buildings and classrooms, the training will cover volunteer opportunities that are usually offered in person, and virtual opportunities to come this year. You will also receive information on best practices and protocols that will be helpful to know for the future. If you cannot make this session, more will be offered, or you may contact Laureen directly.

Third-grader places in tournament

A boy stands in front of a leader board with a golfing medal around his neck.
A Magnolia third-year student placed fourth in a US Kids Golf tournament held at Echo Falls Golf Course on Aug 29. Congratulations, Nathan!

Montessori Thoughts

The definition of a school, according to Montessori, is a “prepared environment in which the child, set free from undue adult intervention, can live its life according to the laws of its development.”—Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work

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