The Grapevine, May 13, 2020

Early Childhood classes are busy and students are learning

Early childhood students learned through a variety of works this week, some provided by packets sent home for them, such as the cards showing colored objects. Aspen teacher Meg Venkatachalapathy says the packet materials have been well-received and appreciated by her class's families, and students are enjoying them.

Pine students are practicing mindfulness, creating art and learning about bees. Carol Harshaw, Pine teacher, says walking on a line aids mindfulness.

“The Pine class students walk on the line each morning when they come to school. It is such a great way to start the day. Walking on the line helps us to focus on careful movements, improves our balance, and it helps us feel grounded. For our Mindfulness practice the children were encouraged to walk on the line at home.”

Pine students are also making botanical prints. “Botanical Hammer printing is a fun way to make a print of a flower or leaf,” Carol says.

The children placed flowers and leaves on thick pieces of paper and covered them with paper towels before gently pounding the flowers flat with hammers, finally lifting the paper towels to reveal beautiful prints.

The Pine class has also been studying honey bees, including the life cycle of the bee, the jobs each bee has in the colony and how they communicate with each other.

Goodbye, hello and an Upper El virtual singing experience!

By Liz Hoyer, Upper El Program Director

Singing specialist teacher Cece Leavitt has joyfully been a part of the WMS community for the past seven years. Cece announced to the Upper Elementary students in early March that another singing specialist teacher, Christina Bernal, would be completing the school year. Cece is currently focusing on completing her state teaching credential and her long term goals are to pursue a masters’ in music education to teach general music and choral ensembles at the high school level. Cece shared a heartfelt virtual goodbye video to her singing students, many of whom she has known for the entire time she has taught at WMS. We were all sad to say goodbye, but agreed to Cece’s desire for us each to “share many music-making memories with our families and always remember to keep a song in our hearts.”

Mrs. Bernal first met the singing class in early March. Once remote learning began, we did wonder how to successfully offer singing class to Upper El students. After a fair amount of creative brainstorming, planning and collaboration, Mrs. Bernal invited each student for a one-on-one Zoom voice lesson with the end-of-the year goal being to create a video mash-up singing the song, “A Thousand Years.”

We hope you agree that the final product that Mrs. Bernal and the Upper El Singing Class created is absolutely beautiful. The video even includes a little footage from Cece’s final singing class at WMS.

Sincere thanks to wonderful years of singing with Cece, new singing experiences with Mrs. Bernal and the entire Upper El singing class for being flexible, creative and embracing change.

Please enjoy the Upper Elementary Singing Class video. (Watch the video with transcription on YouTube.)

A colorful handmade map
Upper Elementary Literature Project—
A Cedar/Birch student chose to make a map of the setting of the book he read for this project (“The Jumbies,” by Tracey Baptiste), noting several of the important locations in the story.

Lower Elementary creates and appreciates

Lower Elementary students are all learning about the 4th Great Lesson—The Coming of Language. Magnolia students have been exploring the Timeline of Writing, and you can see some pictures of cave art, cuneiform writing and Chinese writing the students have created, below.

Willow third-year students have been learning to play guitar and creating textural art, and held a hat day for one of their class meetings. In Juniper students held up the signs of appreciation they had made for their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Middle Schoolers “bring pets to school”

A screen capture of a videoconference with people holding a variety of pets
The Ginkgo class held “Bring Your Pet to School Day” for their class meeting last week.

Program staff work to prepare materials for home use

Behind the scenes our program staff are wearing face masks, social distancing and working hard to put Toddler and EC packets and supply kits together for students to use at home. In the photos below, Michelle Ahern melts recycled crayons into fun shapes; Rupa Bhattacharjee prepares lady bug learning materials for the Douglas Fir class; Frances Ju and Caitlinn Curry-Betteridge sort and add art supplies to the supply kits; and Daniel Tretyak sorts beads for children to make the Short Bead Stair at home.

Parents, watch for announcements soon about the days you may pick up your child’s personal belongings.

Local nurses express pleasure at receiving thank you cards

On Tuesday, NC EC and Toddler Program Director Judy Samudovsky received this message from her daughter-in-law, Liz, R.N., Assistant Nursing Unit Manager at UW Medical Center: “By the way, our unit received a sweet card from Woodinville Montessori yesterday,” she said. “Very sweet of the community to share those encouraging words and pictures.”

Holding up the thank you cards in the photos below are Yvest, a secretary at UWMC, and Charibel, a nurse there.

It's time! Bid in the online Gala through May 16

Grow Together Woodinville Montessori School Gala and Auction, May 12-16, 2020
The online auction is underway now through Saturday, May 16. Visit the auction site here.


Now through June 17
•  School continues remote learning through end of school year
Today through Saturday, May 16
•  WMS online gala!
Tuesday, May 19
•  Online Enrollment/Re-Enrollment due
Wednesday, May 20
•  Virtual Coffee with Sunita for all families, 9 a.m., email Sunita for the link.
•  BOT meeting, 7 p.m.
•  Keep up with the WMS calendar here.

EC & Toddler fall 2020 planning

As we begin preliminary planning for the next school year, if your child will be in either the Toddler or Early Childhood program at WMS this fall, we are interested in your feedback on a few questions. Please follow this link to a survey on some possible options.

Yearbook update

Did you miss the online yearbook sale? We will have a limited number of extra yearbooks available for purchase, first come, first served. As the yearbooks are only sold to WMS families and staff, please refer to the information in your Grapevine email to place an order.

If you have already ordered a yearbook, either online, or through direct payment to the school, don’t worry—we expect to have the yearbooks ready for distribution before the last day of school, and we will figure out a contact-less way to distribute them. It’s a slower process this year than normal, but if they are delayed, we will notify all of the purchasers.

Weekly Task Force update

By Shay Chapman, WMS Task Force 2020 Coordinator

The food drive has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 23. The food drive has been changed to allow for the event to remain contactless as the weather forecast currently shows rain this weekend, and the drive through format cannot afford weather protection to the donation.

Amazing community support for the Staff Appreciation Season gift collection! You could feel the love as family after family drove up and dropped gifts of all sorts of wrapped mystery and excitement off in the labeled bins for the teachers and support staff. It was truly heartwarming to see everyone and the outpouring of goodwill and gratitude for the entire WMS Community from the community. Plants are being cared for while awaiting pick-up, and gifts will be distributed next week, so if you missed the window and want to connect, we'll make that happen.

Great big shout out for donations made in the name of WMS teachers and staff:

  • Kinley Family for their donation to No Kid Hungry
  • Ilikhan Family for their donation to Seattle Children's Hospital

Projects in process: Cloth masks for Children's Hospital, Staff Appreciation Season, Gratitude Greetings for King County Metro, Food Drive on May 23, 3D-printed ear savers and headband ear savers.

Support needed: Donations needed of durable goods, time and money. Help by contacting: and earn valuable volunteer hours while helping our community.

Please add your voice and hands to the projects currently in progress as we launch the next round of actions and tasks to support our WMS community and the larger community.

Many hands make light work.

(See a story about how much your volunteer task force work is appreciated on the left side of the page.)

Online Enrollment & Re-enrollment closes May 19

Online Enrollment/Re-Enrollment opened on May 4. WMS families, you should have received an email on May 4 regarding the annual collection of required forms for returning families, and online enrollment and re-enrollment for both new and returning families. Annual forms and online enrollment/re-enrollment submission is due on May 19.

Alums, share your news, WMS wants to celebrate you

WMS alums, work on the new issue of Seasons is underway, and we want to know all about your recent achievements and other news. We want to celebrate and recognize you, especially with graduations around the corner!

Please tell us your news and we’ll share it. Send us your photos or tell us your favorite memories. In this unique and challenging time, we hope to share some positivity with the WMS community.

Email news, photos and updates to Communications Assistant & Advancement Coordinator Emily Irwin, or mail your graduation announcements to Woodinville Montessori School, Attn. Communications Dept., 19102 North Creek Parkway, Bothell, WA 98011

We look forward to sharing the new issue of Seasons with you soon! You can view the previous issue here.

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