The power of awe and wonder

By Head of School Sunita Pailoor

Daffodils in a container
The daffodils on the Early Childhood playground at North Creek are in full bloom.

At the end of my work day on Tuesday, I went for my usual walk, maintaining appropriate social distancing, when I looked up at the sky and saw a brilliant rainbow. I had what I call a “daffodil moment." Those of you who have read the poem, "I Wandered Lonely as A Cloud (‘Daffodils’)” by William Wordsworth, will know what I am talking about. (Read the poem, and hear an audio recording, on the Poetry Foundation website.)

This is the “sense of awe and wonder” that Maria Montessori refers to in her writing. A moment that fills the spirit with joy. A moment of hope.

In a Montessori world, we refer to awe and wonder as essential to the spirit of children, and we give many opportunities for children to connect to the natural world, to see and experience it for themselves. During these difficult times I hope you have many moments of awe and wonder, moments when the beauty of the world, a flower, raindrops, a spider web, gives you respite from other worries.