Order pizza for Thursdays

WMS Secondary Student Business offers pizza every Thursday to students from 1st-12th grades. Money raised from pizza sales supports the field studies & intersessions of Secondary students. Students learn how to coordinate with a pizza provider, manage delivery, collect payment and manage the bookkeeping. It is an excellent opportunity for them to practice economics while providing a hot lunch option to the campus.

Third quarter pizza orders are open through Jan. 28.
Please indicate the number of slices for each date your child will have pizza delivered. Blank boxes indicate “no order” for that date.
  • Checks, returned to the payment box or the pizza payment box in Building 1. NO CASH payments this year, please.
  • In memo line, write: child’s name, classroom and “pizza” (for example: Carter McCoy-Ash-pizza)
If a child is absent, there are no refunds; their order will be saved for them in the kitchen.
For more information, please contact Secondary Programs Director Carter McCoy.

Please fill out a separate form for each of your children.