MS & HS students begin remote learning

A Zoom lesson with remote learners
A Secondary teacher hosts an algebra lesson via Zoom call.

Our brave new world of remote learning began today, with Middle and High School students. Algebra students called in this morning to attend class. Teachers use tablet technology as a whiteboard-of-sorts to write notes in real time, and students are able to ask questions, on camera, while working with paper and pencil at home. They’ll upload their work to Canvas, the course management system that Secondary uses, and the teacher will edit and/or correct, and return to students electronically.

These sessions are not recorded—they are only presented live.

Secondary students have many teachers, and attend several classes a day. During this remote learning opportunity, a typical high school student will attend Zoom classes in English (either American Literature or World Literature), History (American Studies or World History), Science (Biology or Physics), Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, PreCalculus, or Calculus), World Language (Spanish or Japanese), and Electives (Music, Art, or STEM).—Kelly Koffman, secondary teacher