Love shows up in unexpected ways

By Lower Elementary teacher Amy Fujimoto

Human characteristics have been on my mind as I prepared for our Lower Elementary topic “The Story of Humans.” Love is a characteristic that comes up in these lessons. Love is a fundamental need. We can see and experience love in many ways. Love is active and shown sometimes unexpectedly.

As a child my favorite dinner was burritos. Our table was filled with little bowls brimming with tomatoes, beans, cheese, lettuce and salsa. As we started dinner my siblings and I would begin to chant, “Throw it like a Frisbee!” While this might sound surprising at dinner time, it was a ritual at our house that would end with my Mom flinging a tortilla like a Frisbee down to my Dad at the other end of the table. We cheered and my parents laughed. I felt so much love during those family dinners, even as tortillas flew around me.

In the book “Ecological Literacy,” Michael Ableman, who is the founder and director of the Center for Urban Agriculture writes, “Raising whole young people is like raising good food. It is a sacred practice; it requires waking each day and seeing things anew, responding to the moment, listening, paying attention, observing.” In those family dinner moments, I am grateful that my parents joined in with our crazy chanting and played along.

As a class we have been engaging in Zoom meetings with each student, class meetings and third-year weekly meetings. From those conversations we discovered that many of our third-year students were excited about learning guitar. Veronica and I have some guitar experience so we responded to their requests and are currently attempting third-year guitar lessons. Will it work? Perhaps. Maybe students will remember how to play a D chord, but maybe they will remember the experience of us as a group, strumming and laughing with our guitars on Zoom.