Camps & Electives

Visit Camp Brain to register for all wms camps.


WMS offers camps by prepaid reservation on conference and teacher in-service days. There are approximately 20 days of camp during the school year. 

There are different camps for different age levels. Each offers a variety of theme-based projects and activities, with Elementary campers often visiting local parks or other places of interest such as the Museum of Flight, a candymaker and other fun places. All camps may include additional field trip or materials fees.

To view pricing, offerings, and to register for school year camps, please visit Camp Brain. Contact Tomo Takahashi with questions about school year camp. Snack menus for school year camps are available here.


Each year our camp director plans a summer of fun for your Toddler through Elementary student. We will be offering 8 weeks of camp during summer 2022, registration opened Feb. 22, 2022. Currently, all camps have waitlists - please add your student to the waitlist in CampBrain, and you will be contacted if a space opens. 

*Toddler & Early Childhood summer camps are only open to currently enrolled WMS students. Elementary camp is open to WMS friends and family.

Toddler* camp is a continuation of the regular school year program, but in weekly sessions. Toddler camp will be held at the North Creek Campus.

Early Childhood* camp offers a variety of summer outdoor and indoor activities, with increased time for free play. Early Childhood camp will be held at the Woodinville Campus.

Elementary campers experience camps with weekly themes and participate in chess, robotics, and parkour. Elementary camp will be held at the North Creek Campus.

To view pricing, offerings, and to register for summer camp, please visit Camp Brain starting Feb. 22, 2022. Contact Theresa Kirby with questions about summer camp.

Summer Camp snack menus 

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