“Life is activity at its peak, and it is only through activity that the perfections of life can be sought and gained.”

Maria Montessori

At WMS we offer a range of activities both during and outside school hours that provide balance to school day academics and enrich your child's learning experience. In addition to the electives and clubs described on this page, read more about our other enrichment activities at the links below.


The boys basketball team lines up, smiling

At WMS, Athletics include include Orienteering for grades 1-12, and volleyball, soccer and basketball for grades 4-8.

Read more about our Athletics program here→.


STEM is integrated into coursework, and enriched by our Innovation & Design Lab.

See more STEM here→.

Extended care

Extended care—known at WMS as Club House—is an important part of our overall program.

Read more about Extended Care here.→

The arts

At WMS our students enjoy excellent instruction in the visual arts, drama and voice, ukelele and drums.

Physical Education

Students run laterally in PE
In addition to half an hour of recess every day, students have organized movement and PE all year long that varies by program level.

Electives and Clubs

WMS offers an Electives program that extends beyond the regular school hours. The Electives offerings may change each time. Examples include karate, visual arts, chess, yoga, sports, drama and clay-animation. These electives are available to our Early Childhood through Secondary students. Adult and family programs are occasionally offered.
For more information about electives, please contact Director of Auxiliary Programs Theresa Kirby.