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Tuition Assistance for generations to come

We believe that a broad range of families from diverse socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds benefits the entire community and is essential to the academic success, social and emotional growth and development of our students. Since our founding 36 years ago, tuition assistance has been a value deeply held and a pillar of our mission. Our founder and retired Head of School Mary J. Schneider worked tirelessly over the years with the goal of providing access to exceptional Montessori education to those children who might otherwise be denied due to financial constraints.

Currently, over $500,000 in tuition assistance is awarded each school year. Fundraising helps to allow for this, giving back to the school’s yearly operating revenue allocated for tuition assistance.

Giving to the Mary J. Schneider Fund not only ensures the longevity of WMS’s Tuition Assistance Program but also honors our founder’s vision and her commitment to all students. Your gift will support students for years to come and help make Woodinville Montessori School the best it can be.

Donate to the MJS Fund