Check-out Policy

The WMS Libraries are open for our families to use. However, due to the size of our library and the number of resources available, we have limitations on what parents may check out. Parents are welcome to read books with their children in the library. Elementary and Early Childhood student books are not available for parent check-out so that our entire collection is available for students during the school day. Parents may also check out parent resource books in the Media Resource Center adjoining Elementary Club House in Building 2.

There are level-specific rules for our students to check out books and bring them home:

  • Early Childhood students are welcome to visit the library with their parents or guardians and read books in the library.
  • Kindergarteners have a scheduled library time every month, during which they check out two books to bring back to their classrooms for quiet reading times during the school day. They may check out new books only when their previous checkouts have been returned.
  • Lower Elementary students check out two books during their weekly library visits. These books are kept in their classrooms for silent reading times. They are welcome to check out an additional five books for research projects throughout the year, with special teacher permission.
  • Upper Elementary students may check out five books to bring home.
  • Secondary students may check out up to 10 books to bring home.

There are no late return fines. The check-out period is three weeks. Any books not returned by June 10 will be charged to the family’s account so the book may be replaced.

Parents are welcome to check out Parent Resource books in the conference room of Building 2 by simply writing their name and the book’s barcode in the green check-out folder.

You may read the full School Library Policies.

Emily Schlieman is WMS ’s librarian.