James Harb, Trustee

James Harb

Our family discovered Montessori education by accident. A University of Washington daycare near my wife’s office happened to be Montessori. Like WMS, we found it was much more than just daycare. Then, living in Woodinville, we found this great school, WMS right in our own backyard.

WMS is a school that does a lot not just for our kids, but I believe does a lot to make the world a better place—one kid at a time. It was the right choice even further validated by how they think critically and adapt to the state we find ourselves in with today’s current (2021) events.

When we started at WMS in 2010, it became immediately apparent to me how much was done by those who preceded us to build the school and the WMS community. I serve on the WMS Board of Trustees to help pay that forward to the children of our community’s children and on.