Board of Trustees

Function of the Board

The Board is a governing body that establishes policy, maintains the financial health of the school, and maintains and supports the institutional mission. The Board’s role is defined so as not to interfere with the day-to-day operation of the school.

Board Mission Statement

Woodinville Montessori School’s Board of Trustees exists to create plans, set policies and make strategic decisions that will best ensure the viability of the institutional mission for the current students’ children.

To contact the Board of Trustees, please call 425-482-3184 or email

Volunteer to advise the board

Occasionally the board seeks volunteer advisors with expertise in specific areas, including fundraising, finance, marketing, strategic planning and law. Volunteer advisors serve for various time periods depending on the specific need. For more information, read the WMS BOT volunteer advisor description.

LEARN self-respect, compassion and commitment to community | GROW academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and intellectually | BECOME world citizens who have a voice and make a difference.

Trustees & officers 2020-2021

As of June, 2020

Melanie Hassler President
Benjamin Liles Vice President
Max Koh Treasurer
Sarah Gallagher Secretary
Karen Drapers Trustee
James Harb Trustee
Olof Hellman Trustee
Amer Karim Trustee
Pooja Kohli Trustee
Angie Lee Trustee
Susan Locke Trustee
Sabrina Moss-Sheth Trustee
Matt Perran Trustee
Tom Warren Trustee