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Weekly Newsletter, Dec. 12, 2018

LEARN self-respect, compassion and commitment to community | GROW academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and intellectually | BECOME world citizens who have a voice and make a difference.

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Lego Robotics Team competes

Lego Robotics

Members of WMS’ Lego Robotics Team, in fourth through eighth grades, competed against other area teams in Everett on Dec. 8. In the morning the team participated in team building activities, project presentation and robot build, followed by opening ceremonies after lunch. In the afternoon, the teams competed in the robot game, completed at 4:30 with an awards ceremony. —Photos courtesy of Vipul Kohli, see more in the gallery

Procedures for emergency schedule changes

When weather—a snow day, a windstorm—or a power outage or other emergency—causes a schedule change for WMS, we will make every effort to contact you as soon as we have decided on whether or not to hold school, call for a late start or close early. Please be aware that you may receive multiple notifications: a direct text message from WMS and a phone call.

ParentAlert: WMS will text-message you via ParentAlert if we decide to close school, start late or dismiss early.

We will also post any closures or schedule changes on the home page and on Facebook and Twitter, and record them to phone messages at both campuses.

FlashAlert Newswire: this service submits concise announcements from schools to local broadcasters. Here are some common messages for Woodinville Montessori School that may appear in TV crawl lines and FlashAlert notifications:

Closed—means no classes, no day care, no after-school elective classes and all meetings are canceled.

Opening at 10 a.m.—means ALL classes start at 10 a.m., including high school & middle school and a.m. half-day preschool/kindergarten classes. There is NO a.m. day care when there is a late start.

All afternoon/evening activities canceled—means ALL students must be picked up at dismissal time; no after-school day care, no after-school electives or clubs, no after-school or evening meetings.

ParentAlert messages sent to your phones from WMS may include additional information to that above.

Due to our microclimates, conditions may vary dramatically from one neighborhood or area to another. You should always use your own judgment about whether or not to come to school when road conditions in your own area are bad.

Thank you, 2018 Gingerbread Team

Gingerbread FestivalFA

Thank you to our FA Gingerbread Chair Christina Bernal and all the parent and student volunteers who worked so hard to make this festive event a success! Our volunteers did everything from making food and décor, setting up, bazaar sales, organizing and running activities during the event and cleaning up. An extra big thank you to WMS music teacher Cece Leavitt and the Upper Elementary Singers for leading us all in a holiday sing-along.

In addition to decorating nearly 100 gingerbread houses, you brought in two bins of donations for Babies of Homelessness. They were overwhelmed with how much they received. We learned that with the donations received from WMS and other organizations this time of year, on average a family will receive about six individual diapers, one pack of wipes and one can of formula. Our school was able to make an impact and that’s a very big deal.

Pictures from the photo booth will be ready after Winter Break.—Director of Development Keri Sliger; photo courtesy of Carli McSorley. See more photos in the gallery.→

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Dear volunteers, thank you for everything that you do for WMS. You truly make it all possible.

The Communications Department thanks: Charlotte Comer, processing “Tomorrow’s Child” magazine; and Carli McSorley, ongoing yearbook work.

The Admissions office acknowledges their wonderful parent volunteers for the months of November and December who have contributed their time and energy for various Admissions activities:

Ahmed Ali, Amany Hasan, Amer Karim, Charisse Campos, Faira Sullivan, Jessie Felt, Kelly Coates, Kristin Duin, Kristina Green, Naoko Koh, Naomi Williams, Norhan Saad and Susan Richter.

The Development office thanks:

Gingerbread Festival volunteers: Christina Bernal, Dawn Simpson, Vickie Castaneda, Sydnor Hain-Fawzi, Reena Suryavanshi, Vanessa Brehm, Nick Locken, Sara Holden, Erika Jablonski, Sandy Ratcliff, Erica Johnston, Julia Mitchell, Charlotte Comer, Aihua Zhang, Traci Fisher and Shay Chapman .

Annual Giving Classroom Representatives: Melanie Wright, Ellen Beecroft, Jesse Gantz, Kaige Gantz, Bina Walker, Guy Ratcliff, Nan Li, Robert Merriman, Pablo Barvo, Maria Arroyave, Corinne Guerrero, Trina Bayard, Dave Bayard, Taylor Felt, Andrea Chin, Logan Baxter, Meg Morgan, Sandi Nagata, Jean Schneider, Naomi Richardson and Jane Raker.

Gala Kickoff event: Alex Lafontaine, Gena Schirer and Jamie Holland.

Register now for Positive Discipline

Bring the joy back into parenting! On Thursday, Jan. 17, 4-6 p.m., Building 2, North Creek campus, we bring back Chip DeLorenzo, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Montessori educator and administrator, to hold another Positive Discipline for Montessori Parents workshop.

This two-hour workshop is for parents who are looking for long-term parenting skills that will encourage their children aged 3 through adolescence to think for themselves, become more responsible and have greater respect for themselves and others. The workshop is based on the bestselling “Positive Discipline” books by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. It will introduce parents to tools that get to the core of misbehavior, and that invite cooperation.

With over 20 years of experience, Chip is the head of school at the Damariscotta Montessori School. The workshop will cost $10 for one person and $15 for two. Free child care is available only for enrolled WMS students and their siblings aged 3 years or older, but babies in arms are welcome.

Register through Camp Brain. Child care will be in either the Elementary or the EC Club House at North Creek, depending on the child’s age; and the workshop will be upstairs in the Ginkgo classroom.

Sojourner Truth

Upper El students have been completing their historical portraits for art. Here is Tanvi’s portrait of Sojourner Truth. See more portraits on the Upper El program page.→

Upper Elementary paints historical figures

The students have been working on their historical portraits, which are displayed in the Upper Elementary hallway together with the biography of the person they have portrayed in paint. They have done a spectacular job! Students who have completed their portraits are working on a small-scale landscape watercolor project, introducing the concepts of foreground, horizon line and background. In January we will be doing a value study working with drawing pencils.—Art Specialist Carol Roorbach