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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, Nov. 30, 2016

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Senior earns multiple college acceptances and academic scholarship offers

Congratulations to Emery Armentrout '17, whose hard work as a student here is being recognized by multiple acceptances and scholarship offers from colleges, and a chamber of commerce award!

Emery is a WMS “lifer,” having attended from the age of 3, and graduates this June as part of Woodinville Montessori High School's first senior class.

Emery, who applied for early acceptance, has so far received acceptance letters from three colleges, each offering him an annual academic scholarship. The offers range from $18,000 ($72,000 over four years), to $22,000 ($88,000 over four years) to $25,000 ($100,000 over four years).

In addition, the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce honored Emery as their November Student of the Month.

WMS Head of School Mary Schneider says Emery made these things happen for himself by making the most of the support, advice and learning opportunities available at WMS.

“We are likely almost as pleased, proud and elated as he and his parents over this good news,” Mary says. “Look for more good news about our senior class in the weeks to come. They are setting a great precedent for all the students to come.”

Emery is one of three students who elected to stay through their senior years to pioneer our WMS high school, Mary notes. Earlier this year we recognized Ivy MacDuff '17 and Isabel Canning '17 as Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship program.

“They are very special people indeed,” she says. “They and their parents took a huge leap of faith to invest in the future of WMS in a powerful and unique way. We are enormously grateful for their tenacity and courage, and we are delighted to share the story of how that investment is already paying off for one of them.”

Emery's mom, Paige Armentrout, emphasizes that ninth, 10th and 11th grades at WMS made achievements possible for Emery.

“We have been overwhelmed with gratitude and not exactly surprised, but maybe a little taken aback,” Paige says of the recent honors. “See, I always thought that we might have a bit of a challenge in front of us coming from a fairly unknown HS/Secondary program, regardless of Emery's grades and test scores. I mean, I was prepared for that. And even the misconception that Montessori is typically an early childhood educational system. So imagine my delight that Emery is being sought after and courted by the schools he chose for himself (with college counselor Jill O'Keefe's help).

“I'm feeling especially grateful for Woodinville Montessori School. I'm feeling especially grateful for Sharon (Dunn), Jill, Sunita (Pailoor) and Alaine (Davis). I wish I could tell every parent at WMS how special it is to have teachers and administrators who know your child well, recommend choices for college, and take them to college fairs and actual college visits, then guide them in their questions for those schools, talking parents down off the ledge when they are afraid they can't afford these liberal arts schools, and finally to remind me that a liberal arts education is incredibly valuable (and very Montessori!)”

“We hope that her words inspire, and perhaps allay reservations, for those who will soon be making decisions about next year,” Mary says, noting that WMS needs families' trust and support. “We very much want those students to stay here to build on the path that these three are blazing. A small high school can be amazing, and getting to be a part of growing it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

“We understand that secondary students can be tempted by the extra offerings of bigger schools. We are positive that the deep learning and personal support our students receive has value and impact far more profound than what those offerings might convey.”

From November Student of the Month Emery Armentrout to the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce

“Hello, I'm Emery Armentrout, and I would like to start by saying how honored I am to be here, representing the school that I love in the city that I love, and I'd specifically like to thank the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce for this recognition. I was nominated as Student of the Month because my teacher believes that I am the quintessential Montessori student—that I challenge, I engage, I show a desire to learn, and to develop myself as a person in the process. I have gone to Woodinville Montessori School my entire life, from preschool through my senior year of high school, and so I'm happy to know that I've absorbed the teachings and ways of thinking successfully. Because of going to this same school my entire life, and because of this school promoting an idea of independence and new experiences, I spent a summer in Austin, Texas, working my first job. That time, I've realized, was made so much more enjoyable and successful by my Montessori education. I could adapt to an entirely different form of life, going from high school to a job, living in a completely different area of the country, which are skills I feel will be especially useful when going off to college. My education directly impacted my new working life, which I think is the greatest gift Montessori has to offer. The school gets me to learn independently, to teach myself how to do something through my own thinking, and I will always be grateful for that. So thank you again, Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, and my teacher, Sharon Dunn, for nominating me.”

Secondary Open House MOVED to Dec. 7

We have decided to postpone and reformat our Secondary-only Open House that was set for Dec. 3. Instead we will hold a different kind of Open House on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Prospective Secondary parents and students are invited to participate in Middle or High School classes that day, from 9-11:30 a.m. Classes to sample include math (various levels), community meeting, humanities, Spanish, biology and physics. Have coffee and talk with Secondary Program Director Sunita Pailoor beginning at 9:30 a.m.

We will hold our previously scheduled Jan. 7 Open House for Early Childhood through High School programs. Additionally, we will hold a second school-day Open House for Secondary on Jan. 25.

If you are interested in attending the Dec. 7 event or the Jan. 25 event, please contact Admissions Director Keri Sliger and say which visit day you prefer. To be prepared for your visit—review our current Secondary Course Catalog, Secondary Profile (report to colleges) and inspiring Secondary Blog.

If you prefer the regular Open House format, you are welcome to attend the Jan. 7 event, but we believe these school day visits will be enjoyable and highly valuable to your decision-making process.

Gingerbread Brunch

Gingerbread Brunch aids WMHS student business

Don't miss the Gingerbread Brunch, set for the morning of Dec. 10, at the North Creek Campus. This event was a big success in its first year last year. Secondary Business hosts the event to raise money for its end-of-year trips.

Brunch begins at 9 a.m., and decorating begins at 9:30 a.m., with everything wrapping up at noon. Brunch for adults and children over 10 is $15, and for children 10 and under, $6. The Gingerbread House costs an additional $20. You may purchase your brunch and your gingerbread house through Camp Brain.

Alumni, past-parents and staff—we're looking for you

Save the date for a WMS Alumni Holiday Party

If you are, or know, a WMS alum, past-parent or former staff member, please save Dec. 20, from 6:30-8 p.m., for the WMS Alumni Holiday Party.

Bring your family to the North Creek Campus for an evening of decorating cookies and reminiscing! We'll have plenty of cookies and frosting for all ages, along with light appetizers and hot cocoa! And don't miss the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest as part of the fun!

Get a special sneak peak of the Innovation & Design Lab and the Aquaponix system.

We emailed Paperless Post invitations. If you did not receive one, or if you know an alum who did not receive an invitation, please contact Alumni Coordinator Julie Schwarz.

And please share your news with us! We are now planning an issue of the alumni “Seasons” newsletter, and would love to be able to tell the WMS community what you are doing. Please contact Alumni Coordinator Julie Schwarz.