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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, Nov. 9, 2016

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Magnolia and Juniper first-years in an act of service

Field trip

Before Halloween, Magnolia and Juniper first-year students participated in an Act of Service at a local senior center. The children visited with the residents and worked with them to make a Halloween craft. It was the first field trip of the year for students who are new to Lower El and look forward to many more exciting trips throughout the year!—Magnolia teachers LeeAnn Brown & Laura Webb

Celebrate gratitude: Hopelink food and toy drive starts on Nov. 10, ends on Nov. 23

Donation bin

We're ready for the annual Hopelink Food and Toy Drive, running from Nov. 10-23. This Upper Elementary tradition provides a longed-for gift to a child or teen who would otherwise have a very disappointing holiday; food for families who struggle to put necessities on the table; and a message of hope and caring at a time of increased need and stress for our less fortunate neighbors.

You will find collection bins such as that in the photo at both the Woodinville and North Creek campuses. We encourage you to participate as a family, with your children helping to choose items to donate, to practice giving. We are so fortunate, and this is a wonderful way to share our abundance and show our gratitude.

Don't miss out on basketball—sign up now!

Club House basketball

In photo: Club House students playing basketball outside last year. Do your students want to play basketball? They can play indoors, too, as part of the Y League!

Register your student for basketball and carry the excitement of WMS Athletics through the winter!

As part of the YMCA league, our teams will get to play games, on Saturdays, from January through March.

The Y league is divided into girls teams for grades 4-6 (Wednesday practices); boys teams for grades 5-6 and 7-9 (Monday practices.) Practices will be held from Nov.28-March 6.

Register through Nov. 16 to be sure the program goes forward, at CampBrain. The fee of $185 includes a WMS Athletics shirt. For more information, contact Athletics Director Theresa Kirby.

Thank you, TSA volunteers, we appreciate YOU

Thank you to all the parents who participated in Everyday Hero Teacher Staff Appreciation on Nov. 3. We really appreciate all your help in making this event super amazing!—Linh Garg, North Creek TSA Chair

Made decorations: Jessica Sealana; helped with setting up Spanish room and decorate: Kanisha Speyrer and Sabrina Moss; helped set up food: Annie Felise; helped with kitchen cleanup: Merril Lundgren, Dorothy Chien, Yena Lee, Kanisha Speyrer and Sabrina Moss; brought flowers: Brianne Morello, Meena Shukla and Jade Coolidge; brought meat appetizers: Gretchen Mikulsky, Angela Kugler, Sonika Saini; brought vegetarian appetizers: Family Burkhart, Gayle Kwon, Johnny Mann, Jerome Jouliatos, Diana Beydoun, Jessie Conley; brought meat entrée: Brianne Morello, Maggie Atkins, Emiko Urata, Takumi Ono, Frances Ju; brought vegetarian entrée: Jessica Sealana, Michelle Cowan, Michael Hess, Megan Fass, Crista Hudson; brought meat soups: Sarah McGuire, Gretchen Mikulsky, Paula Ruedebusch, Dawn Simpson; brought vegetarian soups: Maggie Atkins, Kanisha Speyrer, Sabrina Moss, Shyamala Lyer; mixed salad: Sonika Saini, Kanisha Speyrer, Carolina Elmufdi, Lan Hus, Belinda Tiberio; brought desserts: Naoko Koh, Brianne Morello, Laura Bailey, Merril Lundgren, Michael Hess, Diana Beydoun, Kelly Coates, Robert Merriman; brought beverages: Michelle Gehlsen, Family Burkhart, Mario Lozano, Madhu Rebbana and Mengfei Xu.

The TSA event was a huge success at the Woodinville campus. Parents really embraced the “Favorite Autumn” dish theme and made some yummy food for the the teachers and staff to enjoy.—Thank you! Natasha Mundroina, Woodinville TSA Chair

The following parents from Maple, Oak, Elm and Apple participated: Labiba Khan, Anwesha Banerjee, Lydia Gantz, Reena Suryavanshi, Jessica Felt, Amber Russell, Maya Farrar, Jessie Conley, Charlotte Comer, Frances Ju, Sara Wiley, Sarah Kennedy, Melanie Wright, Michelle Byer and Aihua Zhang.

Hot lunch program begins on Monday, Nov. 14

Be sure to sign up for our new lunch delivery program through Peach, because it starts on Monday, Nov. 14. We are piloting the program at North Creek. There is no minimum order for accounts, and you are not obligated to order everyday.

When you sign up on the Peach website, the dropdown menu will give you the North Creek campus, with the different classrooms in parentheses. In order to sign up for more than one person, change your location in the dropdown and save that menu link. You can save the menu for each classroom and order online into that classroom. f you receive a screen that says “We don't deliver to your building yet,” that should update by tomorrow, Thursday.

Peach will deliver lunches from a different restaurant everyday, with no delivery fees and no tips. Students' families and staff members will be able to order lunches before 10:30 a.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Smaller lunches suitable for children (and smaller appetites) will be $6, and there will always be a meat option and a vegetarian option.

A third option each week will be a larger lunch for students or adults with bigger appetites, and will cost $10.

To celebrate the launch and introduce you to the service, Peach is hosting a “sneak peek” by delivering $3 lunches on M/W/F on the week of Nov. 14 for everyone who signs up for their children. Sign up through the link below, and you won't have to worry about packing lunch anymore.

Sign up for lunch through Peach.