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Weekly Newsletter, Nov. 8, 2017

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Ghost pizza

Making ghost pizza

On Halloween the Apple class made ghost-shaped pizza, using cookie cutters to cut the crust from bread, then adding the pizza toppings. See more photos on the EC program page.→

Please remember parking lot safety

Parking lot reminders: the speed limit is 5 mph. Please slow down and keep an eye out for parents and students in the parking lot.

Please stay on cross walks where available. Especially in the front of the buildings. Please don’t walk across traffic if you can avoid this. There are fire lanes and crosswalks next to the playground. Please use these when walking students in to class.

When unloading your students, please keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t wander out into traffic.

Facilities staff will be in the parking lot monitoring and helping out with traffic. Please keep a watchful eye for the folks in vests and follow their direction.

Follow the arrows. Do not drive “against” the arrows, even to just quickly get that parking spot at the end of the row. Don’t be a wrong-way driver.

If you have any parking lot concerns, please contact Facility Director Tim McQuery. Thanks for your assistance in keeping our parking lot safe.

Thank you, parents, we appreciate you!

Woodinville TSA lunch

Here’s a bit of the lunch to which Woodinville campus parents treated faculty and staff on Nov. 2. Also, many crockpots and dishes were left behind in the North Creek Elementary Club House Conference Room. If you left yours, please retrieve it as soon as you can.

Thank you to our generous families who treated staff at both campuses to a huge array of dishes and good will at the year’s first Teacher Staff Appreciation (TSA) lunch on Nov. 2.

Thank you to TSA coordinators Farheen Fathima and Labiba Khan. Thank you to Apple/Elm TSA Lunch volunteers at Woodinville: Khadouj Fikry, Lisa Lau, Melanie Wright, Frances Ju, Deepa Srinivasan, Sara Wiley, Anjali Pujara, Shweta Gandhi, Kim Baggett and Eva Peterson.

Thank you to Oak/Maple TSA Lunch volunteers at Woodinville: Maya Farrar, Reena Suryavanshi, Christina Bernal, Lucy Liu, Rosa Brannen, Anwesha Banerjee, Jessica Felt, Qiong Yang, Tassy de Give and Nisha Shah.

Thank you to North Creek TSA Lunch volunteers: Kristin Kopp, Dawn Simpson, Nina Weber, Logan Baxter, Sumahitha Parthasarathy, Sarah Gallagher, Gayle Kwon, Anita Ko, Renu Lalwani, Emiko Urata, Stephen Li, Pat Seidl, Kunal Telan, Laksha Bohra, Crista Hudson, Brianne Morello, Jane Raker, Beatrice Bock, Shyamala Iyer, Carolina Di Blasi, Naoko Koh, Jessica Lund, Angela Kugler, Robert Merriman, Tony Miller, Pei Fan, Elena Pearson, Andrea Karim, Frances Ju, Atchut Barli, Nicole Stegriy, Priyanka Khandhar, Rachel Mekanik, Chris Merryman, Melanie Wright, Megan Kahn, Amber Russell, June Pereira, Michael Tiberio, Mengfei Xu, Susan Keller, Amany Hasan, Jessica Ng, Julie Adams, Merril Lundgren, Fair Sullivan and Jianing Xu. See more photos in this week’s gallery.→

Ginkgo again wins race to 100% giving

“I give because I wouldn’t be who I am without going to school here long ago.”—Anonymous WMS donor

Why I give

In photo: in the lobby of North Creek Building 1 you’ll see a “Why I Give” tree. You can choose a leaf from the basket nearby, write down your reason for giving to WMS and hang it on the tree.

By Director of Development Keri Sliger

Congratulations to the Ginkgo classroom for being the first class to reach 100% Annual Giving (AG) participation! Over the last few weeks the Ginkgo students have been busy reminding their families to pledge early, dropping by the Development office to make contributions from their own personal savings and working to thank families at both campuses for giving and for being members of our community. Way to go, Gingko, enjoy your well-deserved Menchie’s party!

With a number of other classrooms very close to achieving 100% AG participation, the Board of Trustees’ Fund Development Committee has decided to continue the fun, and will be awarding a second MENCHIE’S PARTY to the next classroom to reach 100% participation. Thank you, Board of Trustees.

So remember why you give, and then head over to the WMS website to make your AG gift today. (Online donations are made through a third-party site with transaction fee.) Thank you to our awesome staff, families and community supporters for helping us reach our goal—thus far we’re 60% strong, $75,000 greater.

Volleyball, soccer & Orienteering

Fall volleyball and soccer seasons are winding down, but the Washington Interscholastic Orienteering League Winter Series has just begun. Congratulations, WMS athletes, on your effort and dedication.

Heading into its second-to-last game of the fall, the WMS volleyball team remains undefeated. Watch the game at 12:30 p.m., Nov. 11, at the NSY Main Gym West Court.

The soccer team went into its final game with just one loss.

The Orienteering team got off to a great start at the Winter Series #1 meet at Magnuson Park on Nov. 4. Ginkgo students Zoey and Victor both took first place in their divisions, and all of the team members finished, even the four of six runners competing in their first meet.

Girls 7th-9th grade basketball added

Due to high interest we have added a basketball team for girls in seventh through ninth grades. This team will practice with the younger girls, but won’t play on Saturdays. Instead, Athletics Director Theresa Kirby will arrange scrimmages with independent schools in the area.

So register now for winter basketball. The girls grades 4-6, and boys grades 5-6 and 7-9 teams, will play on Saturdays through the YMCA, with possible scrimmages. The season will run Nov. 25-March 3. If you are planning to, please register as soon as possible, as we will cancel if we don’t reach the minimum numbers of players.

Secondary at animal sanctuary

Secondary visits Pasado’s

The Secondary classes visited Pasado’s Safe Haven during Immersion Day. See more on the Secondary site.