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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, Oct. 26, 2016

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Mitosis sweetly demonstrated

WMHS biology students figure out how to demonstrate the process of cell division, mitosis, with doughnuts.

Secondary teacher Alaine Davis is always trying to find imaginative ways to help students understand concepts. She had the class decorate doughnuts with candy, frosting and sprinkles to represent cells, their components and the process of mitosis. The students also explained and illustrated mitosis in slideshows. You can find those linked from the Secondary blog. You can also see more photos on this week's Secondary program page.→

Why we give to The WMS Fund

Each donor to The WMS Fund has a different reason to give, and we are grateful.

“We participate in in The WMS Fund for the same reason we have been at WMS for so many years: because WMS reflects the kind of world we want for our children, and the kind of people we hope they become.”—the Mihata Family

“We give to The WMS Fund because of the opportunities it provides to our children and all students at WMS. The enrichment programs and extra opportunities made possible by The WMS Fund are very important in the full development of each student. Our children are becoming such strong, independent, amazing young people because of their overall experience at WMS.”—the Alyazdi family

“Our family is committed to giving to WMS at a leadership level because we know that tuition does not cover all expenses. We value the opportunities that are provided with these funds and enjoy watching our children grow and learn as a result.”—the Shaffer family

If you are ready to donate to The WMS Fund you may do so online here. Thank you!

Montessori Thoughts

From the Dogwood class October newsletter—the child and the work

“The child can develop fully by means of experience in his/her environment. We call such experiences 'work.' Such experiences are not just play...It is work he must do in order to grow up.”—Maria Montessori

This quote from Maria Montessori explains why we call the activities in our classrooms “work.” Every work or activity that a child does in the classroom helps them gain a new experience which in turn helps them with their development and growth process. When a child chooses an activity on his/her own, it builds independence, confidence and an amazing ability to concentrate. When the children are given an opportunity to explore and chose an activity from the environment that is very carefully designed by teachers to experience learning through hands-on approach, that kind of learning is everlasting.—Priya Takkilapati

Elementary artists create collaborative mural


Remember all those empty gelato containers you donated to Elementary art teacher Carol Roorbach? She put them to good use when her student artists created the 2016 collaborative mural. The mural—shown in progress here—is on the wall of the Plaza in Building 1 at North Creek.