Oct. 12, 2016

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WMS hosts pre-K—HS Open House, Sat., Oct. 15

Do you know someone seeking a school for their preschool-through-high school student? Come to our first Open House program preview of the season, from 9:30-11:30 a.m., on Oct. 15. This is a great way to learn more about the benefits of an authentic Montessori education, and why WMS is a recognized leader in the Northwest. Hear from faculty, staff and students about our programs that are fully accredited through NWAIS and AMS for children aged 18 months to 18 years. Designed for parents and caregivers. Complimentary child care is available for children ages 3-6. RSVP and reserve child care here.

EC Parent Ed Night bridges home & school

Early Childhood Parent Ed Night—Bridging Home & School, is set for two separate nights next week.

North Creek EC, and Maple and Apple classes, will meet in their classrooms on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 6 p.m. RSVP and reserve child care here.

Oak and Elm classes will meet in their classrooms on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 6 p.m. RSVP and reserve child care here.

A primary goal of the Montessori classroom is to give each child unlimited opportunities to develop her or his own capabilities. Every aspect of the child's experience at school is planned to minimize the need for adult help. Independent behavior is one of the best confidence builders a child can have as he goes through school and life. Join in the classroom discussion and share ideas on how to prepare your home to maximize opportunities for independence and how to set age-appropriate limits and expectations for your child.

Learn how to spot and stop bullying on Oct. 25

You're invited to a special workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 6-8 p.m., Understanding and Addressing Bullying: A Parent Workshop, with Robin Wallace Wright, at the North Creek campus.

Robin Wallace-Wright has 13 years of experience as an educator. She specializes in teaching youth and parents about bullying, healthy relationships, sexuality and effective communication. Robin has facilitated hundreds of workshops empowering students, teachers, parents and families to have the “Wright” conversations. Parents will come away from this two-hour workshop with knowledge and practical tools they can use with their children to prevent or stop bullying. You will learn what behaviors and conditions constitute bullying, the different types of bullying, how to tell if your child is a target or a bully and the dos and don'ts of what to say and do as parents.

Register and reserve complimentary child care here.

The WMS Library welcomes your family

The WMS Library encourages all families to drop in, read and borrow books! Every student elementary age and higher already has a library account, but if your child is in Early Childhood and you would like to start borrowing books, please come by and create an account with Librarian Emily Schlieman. Although Lower Elementary students have a check-out limit of two books every week to read at school, they can come in with their parents to borrow more to read at home. Upper Elementary students have a limit of eight books that they are allowed to bring home.

Library books are not due until the end of the year, but please return any books that you have finished so they are available for others. Books to return can be placed on the wooden cart just inside the library across from Willow class. If there are lost books at the end of the school year, Emily will send home a notice and a charge. If you have any questions, feel free to email library@woodinvillemontessori.org. Happy reading!—Emily Schlieman, librarian

Montessori Thoughts from the Cedar class newsletter

By Teresa Lee & Taylor Westphal

“The real preparation for education is a study of one's self. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character, it is a preparation of the spirit.”—Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

A sure cornerstone of the Montessori Method is the well-prepared adult. The preparation not only includes a deep knowledge of the child's development, but also a paradigm shift of the role of the adult, requiring humility and an open heart. It involves both a practical preparation as well as a spiritual preparation. As teachers in today's world, we are constantly being challenged to identify our own failings and misgivings. In order to view each child with dignity, we try to leave negativity at the door, not projecting any of our own expectations. When we enter the environment with open eyes, eager to observe what is true, we can evolve with the needs of the child, serving his or her developing spirit. The Montessori Method has surely helped us become better people as there is constant reflecting not only on our teaching practices, but also on our actions and values. This level of self-realization requires a work of the soul. It is indeed a radical process of self-development.

Montessori teachers are eager to continue in this work of preparation, with the hope that we will be educators who are humble and willing servants. Also, we would be citizens of the world, who are eager to love and honor those around us. We are truly humbled by this opportunity.

How we notify you if weather causes schedule changes

When weather causes schedule changes for our campuses, please be aware that you may receive multiple notifications: a direct message from WMS, and if you subscribe to FlashAlert, a message from that service.

ParentAlert: WMS will message you via ParentAlert if we decide to close school, start late or dismiss early.

FlashAlert Newswire: this service submits concise announcements from schools to local broadcasters, and you can also sign up to receive their direct messages. Here are some common messages for Woodinville Montessori School that may appear in TV crawl lines and FlashAlert notifications:

ParentAlert messages sent to your phones from WMS may include additional information to that above.

You should always use your own judgment about whether to come to school when road conditions in your own area are bad. Visit our website for more detailed information on our emergency preparedness plans.

A pond in paper

For your serene enjoyment: Middle School students created this origami frog pond.