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Weekly Newsletter, June 12, 2019

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Third WMS Talent Show wowed audience

Talent Show

In photo, a first-grade student from the Hawthorn class demonstrates some impressive Hula Hoop skills.

Woodinville Montessori School students entertained and impressed the audience of families, classmates, teachers and staff during the third annual WMS Talent Show on June 6.

They sang; played the piano (including one original composition), harp, drums and harmonica; danced, cartwheeled and spun the Hula Hoop. Kaitlyn and Kylie McElrath and Theresa Kirby organized, coordinated and produced the show.

Participants were Zoe Sibthorp, Shriya Shaji, Molly Keller, Charles Wallace Murray, Bharath Kampillil, Celia Desai-White, Anvika Bheemarasetty, Aadya Bommineni, Madison Maher and Lily Schneider-Rasmussen, Leela Devela, Coco McLeod, Hattie Gallagher, Akshad Jha, Kiseki Baker, Xander Eagan, Valentina Morello, Kenna and Ian Shultz, Tanvi Kohli, Jonnika Kwon, Meera Kohli, Violet Raker and Nathan Harb.

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From a student’s point of view—solar energy

By Johann Shin, fifth-grade student, Cedar class

Dear Woodinville Montessori Families,

Hello, have you ever considered using solar panels? If not I am going to tell you about the value of them. Coal is used to produce energy, but it is not a good source of energy. When burned, it pollutes the air and it can only be used once. Coal is not the only poor choice for energy. Oil is also a poor choice for energy, it also pollutes the air, but it can also pollute the water. Oil can also cause fires, and it gets used up.

The thing you should use is solar power! It’s pollution-free, you can recharge it whenever you want, and where you want. They are expensive, but in the long run they save you lots of money. So what will you choose?

We encourage WMS students to submit pieces to the Grapevine for consideration.

Senior presents her culminating project

Senior project

Senior Nancy Wang gave her Senior Project Presentation, “Progress Towards Equality” before the high school, faculty and guests on June 7. The senior projects are a graduation requirement that students work on all year, doing in-depth research on subjects of their choice.

Nancy will graduate from WMHS on Monday, June 17.

Senior, junior share social psychology work

Critical thinking

By WMHS Humanities teacher Sharon Dunn

On June 4, senior Nancy Wang and junior Taylor Sibthorp took on the role of teachers to engage their peers on a complex journey through concepts central to Social Psychology. The groundwork had been laid during a year of in-depth exploration of critical thinking, and the infrastructure had been built by study and discussion of an open-source Social Psychology college textbook chapter on “Influencing and Conforming.”

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EC student learns about solar system

One of the youngest Oak students learns about the solar system.

Oak learns about solar system

In May, EC students in the Oak class learned more about the solar system. They learned that the Sun is a star, that there are eight planets in our solar system, four of them rocky planets and four of them gas giants. They learned that the Moon is our Earth’s natural satellite. They also learned about dwarf planets, asteroids and comets and a little about space exploration.—Aneta Lasek, from the June Oak class newsletter

Figlets will treat their parents to a tea party

Fig on playground

Fig students will honor their parents at a special Parent Appreciation Day Tea Party on June 13. Toddlers will serve iced fruit tea and a special treat to their parents to say thank you for all they do! This is a great opportunity for children to show their favorite activities to their parents, while siblings join EC Club House during the tea party.

In the photo: it’s amazing how much the Toddlers grow over the course of the school year! These two are among the 11 Fig students who will move up to Early Childhood next year.