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Weekly Newsletter, May 29, 2019

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Sixth-graders share culminating projects at annual Island Night—all families invited

In photo, sixth-graders rehearse for tomorrow night, the annual Island Night performances and presentations.

Island Night rehearsal

Correction: All families are invited to Island Night on Thursday, May 30, at 6 p.m., in the EL Club House.

At Island Night the sixth-graders’ culminating projects bring together all that they have learned in geography, social studies and more.

As this is a capstone project for the UE, it is a great way to see what your student can look forward to in sixth grade.

Each sixth-grade student has spent the year planning and creating their own island, with its own geography, society, history, climate, biomes and culture. Each has designed the island’s topography by hand, then digitised the design in order to make a 3-D model composed of pieces laser cut in the ID Lab.

They have created and described cultures, complete with myths, songs, dances and traditional foods, and kept handmade Island Journals to document their projects. They have been diligently practicing.

On Thursday night they will perform in costume and exhibit their islands. So come, watch and be amazed at what the students have learned this year in Upper Elementary!

(And remember, if you have a child in Elementary Club House on May 30, they will be in Birch that afternoon.)

Green Schools Level 3

WMS recognized for green practices

WMS has achieved Level 3 Green School status. We received our official web icon today. You can read about the achievement, water conservation, on this page.

We have previously been recognized for energy conservation efforts (Level 2), and for waste reduction and recycling practices (Level 1).

Congratulations to WMS alum, orienteering coach and Cypress class Faculty Intern Marissa Roecks, for spearheading this project. Marissa gathered the research and wrote it up for the Green Schools Program.

Upper El showcases year’s learning in music

UE Music Showcase

They drummed, they played recorders, they sang and they even danced a little, as the Upper Elementary presented their music showcase last Thursday.

Instrumental instructor André Thomas and singing instructor Cece Leavitt showed how their students were learning rhythm, two-part harmony and other musical skills. In this photo students perform “You can’t Stop the Beat.” See more photos on the Upper Elementary program page.→

Reptile man

May 24 campers enthralled by reptiles

The Reptile Zoo—or at least a few of its cooperative denizens—visited the EL Club House last Friday, as May 24 day campers enjoyed seeing them up close.

The EC campers joined the EL campers for the presentation. All the children were curious about the animals, even those few who were at first a little unsure about them. Campers 5 years old and older were allowed to gently touch the animals after the presentation.

They learned a lot about the reptiles, which ranged from a tortoise, a box turtle and three different types of snake, to an alligator and a lizard. Four campers were selected from volunteers to help hold an albino Burmese python (shown here with Theresa Kirby) along with three of the WMS adults.

See more photos inside.→

An Oak student learns his letter sounds.

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