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Weekly Newsletter, May 22, 2019

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Board of Trustees says goodbye and hello

BOT goodbye

The WMS Board of Trustees said goodbye to one long-time member, and hello to two more at their regular meeting on May 15.

Mike Shultz, a board member since 2013, ends his seven-year service in June. He has been actively involved with the Finance, Facilities and Strategic Planning committees. He and Deborah are mom and dad to Kenna in Middle School and Ian in Upper Elementary.

The board thanked Mike for his thoughtful contributions to the business of the board and the school, and Head of School Sunita Pailoor presented him with a Tibetan singing bowl, often used in Montessori classrooms as a meditation aid. Mike recalled his board experiences, and offered some advice to the board and school.

Attending their first BOT meeting were Susan Locke and Amer Karim. Both will join the board in June 2019.

Amer has had four years of active volunteering at WMS. He and Andrea have two children here, Aza in Early Childhood and Arden in Lower Elementary. As the child of diplomats, Amer has lived around the world. His experiences as a student in different educational systems convinced him of the importance of emphasizing critical thinking in education and being a world citizen, two qualities he has found are integral to the Montessori system. Amer is currently a management consultant with ISOutsource and is highly skilled in Information Systems and Strategic Planning.

Susan is Bellevue Montessori School’s director. Introduced to Montessori through her daughter’s experience at Northwest Montessori in Seattle, Susan received her Primary certification from the Montessori Institute NW in Portland and a M.Ed. from Loyola University. Susan was a Head Montessori Teacher for 18 years on Mercer Island before moving into administration with LePort Schools in California. She is passionate about the Montessori method and will bring her prodigious skills to the WMS board. Her voice will help ensure the continuity of our Montessori program and support our mission to provide a strong Montessori education to our children’s children. Susan is a native of Seattle.

The board previously approved second three-year terms for Jim Harb, Max Koh and Matt Perran, and elected their officer slate. Officers for the 2019-2020 school year are President Kim Shaffer, Co-Vice-Presidents Benjamin Liles and Jenifer Alyazdi, Treasurer Max Koh and Secretary Sarah Gallagher, all current parents.

Also presently serving on the board are Paige Armentrout, Karen Drapers, Melanie Hassler, Olof Hellman, Pooja Kohli and Tom Warren. You can read more on our website about the board members, the board and how to get involved.

Is the process diffusion or osmosis?

MS Lab

In the photo: Middle School students weigh an egg that has been immersed in salt water for several days.

Learning about the processes of diffusion and osmosis, Middle School science students experimented with eggs in solutions. They soaked raw eggs in vinegar for four or five days to dissolve the shells, leaving the egg encased in only the semi-permeable membrane. Then the eggs were soaked in solution—a different solution for each pair of lab partners—for several more days. Some of the solutions were salt water, molasses, corn syrup, dishwasher detergent and fresh water.

On Wednesday the class removed their eggs from their solutions to see what had happened to them; did they gain or lose weight as the solution sought equilibrium? How had the membrane changed? Were changes due to diffusion or osmosis?

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Rainforest puzzle

Solving a big puzzle in Douglas Fir

Layers of the Rainforest Puzzle:

“We’re going to finish the whole thing!”

“Ya, we’ll never, ever give up!”

These two worked through the puzzle and came up with putting the last piece in together.—Ally Noble, Douglas Fir Class teacher

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Designing and building a tower


In the photo: a Juniper student displays his tower built of Kapla bricks.

Some Juniper students have been exploring creating all kinds of structures with Kapla planks, which are designed to be stable and to allow for the building of lintels, roofs and floors in ways that traditional blocks are not.

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Still seeking some Field Day items

Thank you to all who are lending items to us for Field Day, coming up on June 19. The list of needs is rapidly shrinking! If you are able to lend any of these items, please contact Kaitlyn:

Donut boxes (40)
Croquet mallet (10)
Horse on stick, horse head attached to broom handle for pretend horse ride (10)