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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, May 10, 2017

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Turning up the vegetable gardens

Vegetable garden

Look what turned up! Last Friday was a perfect day for being outdoors, and the Dogwood class was just one of several that took advantage of the sunshine to reap and to sow. See more photos on this week's EC page.→

Record Gala crowd shows generosity

Thank you, WMS community, for not only breaking the Gala attendance record, but for raising even more money than last year!

While we are still figuring out the net amount raised, your generosity raised a gross amount of over $130,000. And if you work for a matching gift company, but sure to submit your request for those funds to your employer. If you have questions about how to do that, please contact Guy Tobin, development director.

Thank you once again to our Auction Committee, whose hard work in planning and outreach since last summer made this such a successful event. To correct last week's listing, the co-chairs were Darcy Hardy, Jenifer Alyazdi and Reena Suryavanshi.

The dedicated committee members were Lindy Liles, Benjamin Liles, Dawn Simpson, Kanisha Speyrer, Pooja Kohli, Maria Arroyave, Madhuri Maddala, Yvonne Adagala, Linda Browne and Ande Lohla. Thank you to all the volunteers who turned out to work on Gala night.

Student volunteers provided essential help that night, too. Thank you to Cat, Lyra, Jeffrey, Meera, Zoe, Jitu, River, Hayden F., Hayden B., Katie, Aina, Bb and William.

Thank you for supporting Treehouse!

By Jazlyne and Emmy, third-year, Juniper

The Treehouse organization is a program to help foster children. Treehouse has been collecting donations from the local community and WMS. The third-year students have learned very valuable lessons and have grown in their leadership skills during this time. The third-year students had jobs including: counting donations, writing articles, making posters, and speaking to other classrooms about Treehouse. We have collected 927 donations so far and while the drive at our school is over we encourage you to donate more to Treehouse. The third-year students will be taking a field trip to the Treehouse warehouse to drop off the donations. We will be getting a tour of the building and seeing how the donations are delivered to the foster children.

Thank you for donating to Treehouse and we hope you continue to support this great organization!

Waste not, want not with aquaponics

Magnolia plants
By Magnolia teacher Laura Webb

Last week the Magnolia class planted snap peas and cucumbers in special pods to grow in the aquaponics lab.

Students in the Magnolia class are learning to put fish waste to good use growing vegtables in our aquaponics lab. The lab provides students a hands-on opportunity to learn about science and sustainability. It also can inspire our students to be good stewards of the earth and to become environmental leaders. These are all WMS values.

Aquaponics is an ecosystem in which plants and fish are symbiotically grown together. The fish waste provides food for the plants, and in turn, the plants filter the water for the fish. Students have learned about the nitrogen cycle, ecosystems, the factors used in our decision to use tilapia as our source fish, how to check the pH levels in the system and how to plant cucumber and snap pea seeds. They have also learned about other benefits of aquaponics:

“I think it's cool because we use water instead of dirt to grow plants,” says student SW. “I learned that waste can help plants grow.”

The aquaponics lab allows us to truly teach the Montessori way, not simply with the hands-on experience it provides, but with weaving different parts of the curriculum into the lessons. We have touched on social sciences when learning how an aquaponics system would serve people in desert areas and places with frequent drought. We have incorporated math in calculating how many seeds each student would plant, measuring and graphing the growth of the plants, and the cost of this type of agriculture. Students incorporated technology by using time-lapse cameras to help record the growth of their cucumbers and snap peas. The final benefit: a healthy and tasty, school-grown snack!

Students are proving the adage “waste not, want not” true as with aquaponics we waste nothing, including fish waste, and in return, we have what we want: organic, nutritious food.

“We get to learn the nitrogen cycle, how aquaponics have been used for a long time,” says AMS. “ I like that we get to plant there.”

See more photos of the seed planting in this week's gallery. →

Volleyball team starts season

Start your Saturday mornings through June 10 with a volleyball game, and cheer on the WMS Spring Coed Volleyball team. The team looked good in its YMCA League opener last Saturday, and plays again on May 13, at 9:30 a.m., at the Northshore YMCA, Main Gym West Court. You can find the full schedule on our website. (WMS is “Team 4”.) See more photos in the gallery

Plan date night—Kids' Night Out is May 19

By Anisha

Every month, our dedicated Middle School and High School students staff Kids' Night Out, along with two parent volunteers and one WMS staff member as chaperones. We plan and host a Kids' Night Out (or KNO) event for the students in lower levels. On May 19, we will be hosting our final KNO of the year! We'll have various activities, like coloring, face-painting, and more! The theme for this month's event is Pajama Party, and we'll be playing the movie “Inside Out”. Apple juice, crackers, and cheese sticks will be provided for snack, as well as popcorn during the movie.

Sign-up sheets will be located at the front desk and in Elementary Club House at the North Creek campus, and at the front desk at the Woodinville campus. Parents can pay at the beginning or at the end of the event; it is $20 for the first child, $10 for the second and $7 for any after that. All proceeds go to fund our end-of-the-year trip. KNO will be hosted in the Gingko classroom at the North Creek campus, upstairs in the building where Elementary Club House is located. We hope to see you there!

Please note: dinner will not be provided, so please feed your child beforehand. All the movies we play are either G or PG rated, and if you would prefer that your child not see the movie, send us an email at, and we will make sure they are with the kids who prefer to simply talk, color, or play games in a separate room. All attendees must be toilet-trained.

Crazy Hair Day makes us smile!

May 5 was Crazy Hair Day, and we saw lots of imaginative dos, from Seahawks-worthy to a jet florette. See more Crazy Hair Day photos in the gallery.→