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Weekly Newsletter, May 8, 2019

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Making environmental justice feel local

Environmental studies

By WMHS teacher Sharon Dunn

In an effort to connect a large issue with a local site and purpose, we have advanced learning about the transformation of the UW Bothell wetlands, made a site visit there, and initiated communication with the Friends of the North Creek Forest (FoNCF).

While WMS students at several levels have visited the FoNCF site to carry out activities, we have adopted a different approach in the high school. The approach is to learn what we can about a site’s history and changes, relevant local planning and development issues, and its connection to fundamental environmental features and constraints.

While exploring the content of UW Bothell Professor Warren Gold’s detailed historical PowerPoint on the history of the UW wetlands, students were asked to recollect what they learned in 2018 about groundwater, aquifers, entry of pollutants, and issues of water distribution and retention.

Our community followed this up with a thoughtful site-walking tour led by Prof. Gold. This month, after some advance research about zoning and other issues, students will interview some members of the FoNCF Board; on June 18, they will spend time on the site.

Read the students’ reflections on the visit to the UW wetland.→

Sign up for May 17 Kids’ Night Out

Hello Parents! The next WMS Kids’ Night Out (KNO) is two weeks away, on May 17. Registration will be closing on May 15, so make sure to sign up ASAP! We cannot accept drop-ins. Remember that KNO is only open to WMS students who are 5 years of age or older.

Kids’ Night Out is usually held once a month, on a Friday night. Upper school students created KNO in order to raise money for our end-of-year trip. When your child attends KNO, your kids get to participate in activities and games, like face-paint and a movie, while you also get the night off. The upcoming KNO will be superhero-themed and will run from 5-9 p.m. We will be watching “The Incredibles,” which is rated PG, and “Phineas And Ferb Mission Marvels,” a G-rated movie for younger children. You can sign up here, on Camp Brain. The fee for KNO is $22 for the first child, $15 for the second, and $9 for any additional child(ren). For dinner, pizza will be offered at $3 a slice. We look forward to seeing you on the 17th!—Brystol and Violet

Year’s last FA mtg. is May 9

Family Alliance will host its final general assembly meeting on Thursday, May 9 at 3:30 p.m. in the North Creek BOT Conference Rm., at the end of the first floor hallway in Bldg. 2. We will recap this year’s events, take feedback and plan for next school year.

There will be complimentary child care in EC and EL Club House for students whose parents are attending the FA meeting.

Picnic flyer

End-of-Year Picnic plans

WMS Family Alliance would like to invite all families to join the End-of-Year All-School Picnic on Friday, June 7, 5-8 p.m., at Cottage Lake Park. Your contribution is appreciated. Please follow these guidelines and bring your own drink!

Please bring a dish according to the first letter of your last name:
E-H—Side dishes
I-M—Meat entrees
N-R—Vegetarian entrees

Learn about Ramadan in North Creek book display

Ramadan display

Monday, May 6, was the first day of Ramadan. The Family Alliance Ramadan/Eid committee has set up a display of books at the school entryway at North Creek campus. It is available this week. You are welcome to grab a book or two to share with your classroom. Please make sure to return all books before May 10. Read more about Ramadan here.

Special thanks to Jessica Sealana for setting up the display!—WMS Family Alliance Ramadan/Eid Committee

Early Childhood class studies all things bird-related

An Apple student matches the bird with its egg in this work.

Apple class

The Apple class became fascinated with birds as they learned about peacocks during their study of Asia.

“The children had so many questions about birds that as a class, we decided to embark on a study of birds,” says teacher Jody Sagawa. “We all have become ornithologists!”

Read more and see more photos on the EC program page.→

Teachers create geography sandbox, UE tries it out

Geography sandbox

Cedar teacher Taylor Westphal and ID Lab coordinator Bryce Aktepy built a large sandbox table for geography lessons and sensory work during recess.

On Tuesday, the Upper El students tried it out, observing how water creates pathways through sand—just as rivers do through land masses. Taylor also recorded it.

“In order to make it usable for the geography lessons using water, it has a somewhat fragile plastic liner,” Taylor says. “Bryce will help me make some permanent signs soon, but the rule will be ‘sands and hands only’ in the table. Sticks, large rocks, toys and feet will all damage the table, and the sand should stay in the box.”

If you are on the playground with your child, please help us keep this usable for a long time, and help care for it like any material at school. See more on the UE program page.→