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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, April 26, 2017

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Spring gala

Get excited—the WMS Gala is April 28!

Eat (well), be merry (very) and bid like crazy to benefit WMS! The annual spring gala/auction, An Evening in Bollywood, is Friday, April 28, at 5:30-10 p.m., at the Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore.

Please wear what you prefer, whether that matches the gala's Bollywood theme, other festive apparel or whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Earth Day

Thank you, Earth Day volunteers

A Douglas Fir student enjoys the new willow tunnel built on the EC playground last Saturday.

Thank you to the wonderful EC parents and teachers who transformed the North Creek EC playground last Saturday, Earth Day. They cleaned up beds, added planters and created the first willow tunnel on the grounds!

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And thank you, yearbook volunteer extraordinaire

The WMS yearbook should arrive in the first week of June. We express our deep gratitude to parent Carli McSorley, without whom the yearbook would not exist. Carli dedicates over 50 volunteer hours each year to gathering photos, organizing, coordinating, creating and producing the 64-page book. She would love to have help from volunteer photographers, and for other tasks, so please keep that in mind for next school year!

Treehouse Drive will help foster children

By Adi and Johann, Juniper class

Treehouse is an organization for helping foster children. The bin at the North Creek campus is filling up quickly. We love to see so many donations. Please keep donating and thank you for donating. The drive is through the rest of this week and next week.

Terracotta Warriors impress Upper El students

Terracotta warriors

By Skylar and Ryan
(UE students drew pastel portraits of terracotta warriors, like these, in art class earlier this year.)

On Thursday, April 20, the Upper Elementary students visited the Pacific Science Center to see the Terracotta Warrior exhibit. The terracotta warriors were discovered in 1974 by a farmer who was digging a well in Xi'an, China. Read more...

Interacting with seniors

EC pupils and seniors enjoy time together

An Elm class student rolls out modeling clay during a visit to an assisted living facility. WMS EC students from both campuses have been making regular visits to the residence for the past year. They and the residents read and do other activities together. Both the seniors and the pupils are enjoying spending quality intergenerational time together.

Thank you to Kristin Duin for the photo. See another photo in this week's gallery.→

Play Doh cells

Modeling cell structure

Last week, Middle School Life Science students continued their studies of the cell by building 3-D cells out of Play-Doh, then slicing them open to view the organelles they put inside. “They loved it!” says teacher Alaine Davis.

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Club House Monarch becomes a beauty

EC Club House mural

If you have not yet seen it, stop by the EC Club House at North Creek. Jessica Sealana has created a beautiful mural and hanging decorations depicting the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly, an apt analogy for our young children.

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