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Weekly Newsletter, March 13, 2019

LEARN self-respect, compassion and commitment to community | GROW academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and intellectually | BECOME world citizens who have a voice and make a difference.

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WMHS now has room to stretch out


In the photo, Woodinville Montessori High School teacher Sharon Dunn talks with a student in a portion of the spacious new High School area.

Over midwinter break the High School moved into the northwest Building 2 space that was previously leased to Alder Biopharmaceuticals. The move across the upper hallway gives the High School program room to grow and to create a separate identity from the Middle School.

Students and staff have only begun to decorate and fill the space, so it will change and be improved over time. The large open area—which the school has used several times for concerts, and the recent spelling bee—is ringed with smaller classrooms, a small breakfast bar area, a kitchen, restrooms and offices.

See more photos of the new space inside→.

One more week to register for All About Growing Up!—Puberty Workshop

The All About Growing Up!—Puberty Workshop is set for March 28. Here are the details:

“It really helps to know how to answer their questions and validate their concerns.”

Fun success: Lunar New Year Festival 2019

Lunar New Year

Editor’s note: The Lunar New Year Festival was on Feb. 2. I apologize that due to the snow days upheaval, this story was delayed.—CTM

The WMS Family Alliance celebrated with a Lunar New Year Festival for the first time this year! The Lunar Festival Committee (a part of Family Alliance) worked hard for over two months to select activities, recruit volunteers and work out all of the details that go into creating a festive and fun event for WMS families. Our volunteers contributed their time and effort towards designing and posting fliers, taking care of the set-up and clean-up of the event, bringing books to share with the attendees, capturing beautiful pictures, managing activity booths, and sharing a Tea Cultural and Pipa performance

The Lunar Festival Committee could not have made this event a success without the support of Family Alliance, event volunteers, parents and school staff.

The WMS family thanks its volunteers: Kaige Zhang, Yingying Du, Ada Kwok, Andrea Karim, Dee Narayanan, Huan Lin, Huilin Liu, Jialu Yan, Johanna Desai-White, Mansi Doshi, Mengfei Xu, Miao Qi, Nan Li, Qingmei Lin, Run Yang, Sunny Wu, Travis Kochel, Wenchao Li, Xuan Xiao, Yichun Chen, Yuanxuan Liu and Yvonne Feng.

Family Alliance

We are extremely grateful that our children are a part of this beautiful and diverse environment at WMS that nurtures them to be peaceful and knowledgeable citizens of the world. With that, we would like to thank the WMS staff for their help with the event: Claire Tuohy-Morgan, Emily Irwin, Jared Walls, Labiba Khan, Shannon Long, Sunita Pailoor and Tim McQuery.

We would love to hear any ideas or suggestions for this event, and look forward to another festival next year!—The Lunar New Year Festival Committee Chairs—Yingying Du and Kaige Zhang

Event photos by Sunny Wu and Jialu Yan. See more photos inside.→

Learning about electromagnets

Upper El

Upper Elementary classes have been learning about electromagnets in science.

See more photos on the Upper El program page.→

Examining some interesting specimens


Middle School biology students examine the contents floating in various specimen jars as they complete an assignment.

Pizza payment adjustments coming

Secondary Student Business is auditing its pizza orders for first, second and third quarters, and will be making any needed adjustments for over-or-under-payments.