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Woodinville Montessori School Weekly Newsletter, March 1, 2017

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The WMS Innovation & Design Lab opens!

ID Lab

An EC student and his guest look at a flat map in the new ID Lab. In the lower left-hand corner you can see the 3-D cardboard model created from the map.

Woodinville Montessori School announces the opening of its long-awaited Innovation & Design Lab (ID Lab), where students can make, create, tinker, experiment, innovate and design. This addition not only expands students' options for creating, problem-solving and learning, but may also eventually provide opportunities for community use.

WMS has had the ideal space for the ID Lab, a large, empty lab that had been used for school odds and ends. But like some other portions of the former office building, until recently, it still lacked a special “E” occupancy permit for student use.

Now, after a three-year-long effort to make safety improvements above and beyond those required for adult use, WMS has received approval for student use of the whole building.

The 2016 school gala raised the money to equip the ID Lab with new technologies, tools and resources to further support WMS curriculum and project-based learning. Purchases included a 3-D printer, CO2 laser cutter/engraving machine, Snap Circuits kits, OZOBOTS (small robotics), CUBELETS (modular robotics), Lego Mindstorms kits, Cricut craft cutting machine, hand tools, storage and soldering stations.

The new space will host the Middle School STEM elective, afterschool electives, club opportunities and students and classrooms for select projects. The ID Lab will also support WMS classrooms by creating classroom STEM materials and activities.

Part-time ID Lab Coordinator Bryce Aktepy is working on long-term planning and program development, creating signage and guiding students with projects such as turning Island Night maps into 3-D models.

Visitors on Grandparents' and Special Friend's Day had the honor of being the first group to tour the ID Lab. Students and visitors were enthralled with the circuit kits, coding robot, 3-D maps made with the cutting machine and with signs and plaques that had been created.

The lab is still in its early stages with plenty of room for more tools, projects and creators. As the ID Lab grows, WMS will look for ways to also make it available as a community “maker space.”

Special Friends' Day

Entertaining guests: we welcomed grandparents and special friends

Just before midwinter break we celebrated Grandparents' & Special Friend's Day at both campuses. Here an Aspen pupil demonstrates what she's learned. See more photos of the event in this issue's photo gallery

Calling all WMS parents—we need YOU!

In a few short weeks WMS will be inviting students of all ages to join our wonderful school and would like the help of current parents and caregivers to help welcome our new families! As a member of the WMS Welcoming Committee you will not only be providing new families with a warm welcome into our rich, diverse community, but also helping them to navigate the day-to-day details of school life, form new relationships, become involved and settle comfortably into the school year routine.

Welcoming Committee duties may involve:

If you would like to become a member of the 2017-2018 Welcoming Committee, a commitment lasting from April 2017 through the Fall of 2018, please contact Admissions Director Keri Sliger, 425-420-9712.

Thank you for helping WMS continue to build an inclusive community where all are welcome and valued.

Be heard at WMS Open Space, Wednesday mornings

If you've hesitated to come to WMS Open Space on Wednesday mornings because you fear it will be only about the news or tough conversations, let us reassure you, we talk about whatever you want to talk about. And it's a drop-in event; stay for a few minutes or for the whole hour.

This morning, for example, we talked about:

At Open Space you have over an hour of time to talk directly with Head of School Mary Schneider, another administrator and other parents, have a cup of coffee and maybe meet a new friend. Younger children are welcome. Come to the kitchen of Elementary Club House in Building 2 right after drop off, and stay until about 10 a.m.

Science Fair

Upper El and MS students put on Science Fair

Grandparents' & Special Friend's Day is also the day that Upper Elementary and Middle School students present their Science Projects to the school, family and guests. See more photos of Upper Elementary projects and photos of MS projects on the program-level pages

Few openings remain for 2017 WMS Talent Show auditions

As of March 1, only six audition spots remain for the schoolwide 2017 WMS Talent Show. Links to sign up online for either March 9 or March 24 auditions are posted under “Announcements” in ParentsWeb, because the auditions are not open to the public.

All interested performers must plan to perform at one of these two auditions.

The talent show takes place on June 13, 6 p.m., at the Woodinville Alliance Church. Any current WMS student or teacher may perform a song or talent under 5 minutes long.

We are excited about this Talent Show—please come be a part of it this year!—Talent Show Committee—Dee Sales, Theresa Kirby and Jillian Dickson

Save money, get the Early Bird discount for WMS Summer Camp

Early Bird (EB) registration for WMS Summer Camp is now open only through March 31. Regular (Reg) rates apply beginning on April 1.

Program directors have planned some great activities to entertain and educate your Toddlers through Upper Elementary students this summer. Visit the WMS Camps page to view the brochure PDFs. They are also printed and available in the lobbies and Club Houses at both campuses.