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Weekly Newsletter, Feb. 27, 2019

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Sixth-grader wins third WMS Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

The contestants in WMS’s third annual Spelling Bee—Lower and Upper Elementary and Middle School winners of their classroom bees—wait for the contest to begin. See more photos of the bee inside.→

WMS sixth-year student Molly Keller won our third annual Elementary through MS spelling bee on Feb. 15. In echoes of last year, Molly and second-grader Sameen Khan battled to the very end, going for several “final” rounds, before Molly won.

Molly’s win qualified her to compete in the Snohomish-King County Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 2, in Bellevue. The regional spelling bee will see 90 students from schools throughout those counties compete to advance to the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately there is limited space for the audience this year, so seats are limited to guests of the contestants.

Congratulations, Molly, and best wishes in the regionals!

Apple class enjoyed the snow, too

Apple in the snow

Sure, you can tire of the snow, but never of photos of our students in the snow! Here the Apple class enjoys the snow on one of our school days. See more photos on the EC program page.→

Ks show they know what respect means

By WMS Librarian Emily Schlieman

During Library Time this month, the kindergartners discussed the meaning of respect as well as to whom and what they show respect. They immediately shared the idea that we should respect everyone, and when asked if we should show respect to living and non-living things, they thought for a moment, then said, yes! They gave examples of non-living things we should treat respectfully, like books, water, and our homes.

The story I read to them is called “Lovely,” by Jess Hong, which illustrates respect by looking at people’s differences in a positive light. They were respectful and curious while looking at all the pictures of people who looked and dressed differently in the book, and demonstrated empathy and understanding of their differences. The lesson we ultimately came away with was that diversity is lovely.

Thank you, generous FA TSA volunteers

Thank you treat bags

A huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped make our second Family Alliance Teacher Staff Appreciation (TSA) Luncheon a success at both campuses!

The theme was International Cuisine and Family Recipes. Thank you for bringing delicious dishes, beautiful flowers and treat bags and for setting up and cleaning up:

At North Creek: Pooja Katti, Adam Lord, Angela Kugler, Anita Ko, June Pereira, Chris Merryman, Nicole Skone, Jessica Felt, Namita Telang, Shyamala Iyer, Neha Shah, Jenn Horenstein, Mengfei Xu, Tasneem Bhinderwala, Heba Abouhediba, Andrea Karim, Shanta Boddapati, Yaarit Ran, Laila Kabani Koradia, Wangqi Qiu, Frances Ju, Gayle Kwon, Meena Shukla, Crista Hudson, Jessie Conley, Faira Sullivan, Sandy Ratcliff, Mayleen Ahmed and Mansi Doshi.

At Woodinville, Apple and Elm: Shilpa Gopaliyer, Anjala Pujara, Christine Hernandez, Amanda Freerksen, Maggie Sun, Jaskiran Gill, Anjal Pujara, Cheryl Tsalapatanis, Molly Hartney, Sowmya Srinivas, Renae Kochel, Lola Kassamali, Brooke Stewart, Jing He.

At Woodinville, Oak and Maple: Ada Kwok, Padma Bhamidipati, Reena Suryavanshi, Rosa Brannen, Jialu Yan, Lindsay Nason, Maya Farrar, Sabina Livadariu, Anasuya Kulkarni, Huilin Liu, Eva Chen, Qingmei Lin, Jennifer Wiley and Farheen Fathima.—TSA Committee, Labiba Khan, chair; Faira Sullivan and Woodinville Liaison Farheen Fathima

See more photos inside.→

Midwinter Break Camp

Students enjoyed lively Midwinter Break Camp

Making bird feeders with peanut butter, seeds and cones was one of the fun activities during Elementary Midwinter Break Camp.

See more camp photos inside.→

Back by popular demand! All About Growing Up!—Puberty Workshop set for March 28

Learn all about puberty in this fun, informative workshop: from body changes to mood swings to crushes. All About Growing Up is a two-hour workshop for parents, guardians, and their 9-11-year-old children. (Girls and boys are separated during the workshop.)

Facilitated by professional educator Robin Wallace-Wright of The Wright Conversations, this family-oriented workshop provides a safe, comfortable environment to learn and talk about puberty. The evening includes a short video, interactive activities and opportunities for Q&A. Healthy friendships and boundary-setting are also covered. Come learn how to best support and guide your child as they begin their journey toward adulthood.

Comments from previous workshops with Robin: “Such a helpful, informative workshop. Loved the ‘together’ activities with my daughter and the specific suggestions you gave on how to discuss topics.”

“Wonderful workshop that provides helpful take-aways for both parents and kids. Well worth it.”

“It really helps to know how to answer their questions and validate their concerns.”