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Weekly Newsletter, Jan. 17, 2018

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Middle School mastering quadrilaterals

Duct tape quadrilaterals

Ginkgo geometry students have been working to master the concept of quadrilaterals, studying their forms and possibilities by creating them from a variety of materials. Here the students create similar quadrilaterals on the carpet with tape to learn about similarity transformations and scale factor; last week they made quadrilateral cookies. See photos of both activities in the photo gallery.→

Upper El hallways transformed into aquariums, forests and mountains


As the wolf howls, you can see the yellow eyes of its pack peering from the darkness of the den behind it.

The Upper Elementary classes are studying zoology and botany this school year, and as they integrate science with art and other subjects, the hallways leading to and past their classrooms have become passages through biomes.

Students have learned about some of the different types of invertebrates and their body systems. Working with a partner, they made diagrams about one type of invertebrate (such as mollusks or protozoa) with a few facts about how they function as a life form, to go with a piece of art where they constructed a creature of the type they studied. Now those 3-D projects are on the walls.

The students entitled the main hallway “Hydraqua Passage.” It is covered in dark blue paper to evoke the feeling of walking through two aquariums, and jellyfish made of paper plates and yarn hang from the ceilings. As you pass through the hall the biomes transition, with the walls framed by trees, and lined with leaves, savannahs, grasses and mountains made of tissue paper. And there is more to come—soon more papier maché animals such as this wolf will inhabit the open spaces.

See more photos on the Upper Elementary program page.→

EC student creates booklet for library

By Douglas Fir Teacher Ally Noble

Leaf book

After completing the “Parts of the Leaf” nomenclature card work, a pre-k student extended her work to make a book naming each part of the leaf. After completing the book, she said: “I wonder if I can put this book in the library so everyone can read about the leaf?”

I acknowledged her thoughtfulness in wanting to share what she learned and her hard work and told her she could put her book in our reading corner.

“No, not in here,” she said, “In the big library (pointing down the hall). For everyone to read.”

We walked down to the library with her book and she explained her idea to Emily, the librarian. Emily helped her make her idea into a plan. The student’s book, “Parts of the Leaf,” is now barcoded and on the school’s library shelf, available for checkout. You can find it in the student author section, next to the paperback picture books, on the back wall, bottom right.

Social Committee invites families to meet up at Elevated Sportz on Jan. 21

The Family Alliance Social Committee has organized an informal get-together for all WMS students at Elevated Sportz, 18311 Bothell Everett Hwy, suite 140, Bothell WA 98012, between 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 21. Families will pay their own admission fees: $14 for 60 minutes or $24 for 2 hours for the trampolines alone, and $2 more if you include the kids’ climbing structures. There are climbing structures for toddlers to age 8, and the trampolines are open to anyone over age 3. Trampoline users must have bare feet or grip socks, and climbers must have socks or grip socks. There is also an optional laser maze available, and a full menu in the snack bar area. For more information, visit

Juniper enjoys its sweet reward

Menchies party

The Juniper class enjoyed a Menchies party last Thursday as a reward for reaching 100 percent participation in the Annual Giving campaign. Congratulations, Juniper, and thank you, Juniper families!

See more photos in the gallery.→

Learn to Parent With Love and Logic

Our next series of workshops is “Parenting with Love and Logic,” by Julianne Lu, which will be held every Tuesday from Feb. 27-March 27, from 5-6:30 p.m., at the North Creek Campus, Bldg. 2 (19204 North Creek Parkway), upstairs in the Ginkgo classroom.

The programs are geared toward all ages, from preschool through teens. The cost for the whole series is $90 per person or $150 per couple, and we are offering free child care for children aged 3 & over while their parents attend the workshops. The series is open to the public.

When parents start Love and Logic early in their children’s lives, they dramatically up the odds that the teenage years will be fun instead of frantic. They also create kids who’ll begin school ready to learn, instead of ready to drive their teachers batty.

Come and join us to gain practical skills that you can put to use immediately! Register, and reserve child care, here.