The Grapevine—Secondary program news, May 31, 2017

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Colleges offer WMHS Class of 2017 over $1 million in merit scholarships

Senior day

As our first senior class prepares for commencement and the next steps in life, the seniors are earning some impressive honors. Congratulations to Emery, Isabel and Ivy, and to their parents, teachers and college counselor.

“Most notably, every student built a list of schools that afforded them excellent choices among schools that will serve them well academically, socially and financially,” says WMS College Counselor Jill O’Keefe. “The schools our students applied to represent all areas of the country—the south, the midwest, the east coast and the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, every student participated in school interviews and college rep visits to WMHS.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of these results! My goals for this year were to begin bringing college reps into the school and to support the students such that they could submit early applications. Both of those were achieved. I also aspired to ensure that family financial goals were met, and I believe that was achieved more or less. All in all it was a great year in the college counseling office!”

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