Woodinville Montessori School 2015-2016 Annual Report

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From our Head of School


Mary Schneider

The 2015-2016 school year opened with a most delightful surprise for the older North Creek campus students. They returned to find the “first ever” play structure for their size and age since we moved elementary from Woodinville in 2002. The equipment and installation were funded by the 2012-2015 “Campaign for WMS.” An unanticipated benefit was that the whole area became a social center for parents and children after school. Toddler and Early Childhood students at Woodinville and North Creek weren't forgotten. Donations from “Fund a Need” at the 2015 Gala allowed us to equip all four of their playgrounds with beautiful wood “Outlast” water tables, building blocks, carts and matching storage sheds for the blocks This equipment is in use rain or shine in the most creative and amazing ways.

But school is more than recess isn't it? The administrative and program teams all continued to work in achieving various goals.

At the secondary level, the separate and unrelated procedures to obtain NCAA approval and NWAIS accreditation for the high school program were successfully completed. We obtained approval to administer the PSAT exams. The addition of a college counselor helped our first seniors prepare for the college application process. Chemistry, statistics, calculus and new humanities courses were offered for the first time, as was a STEM elective focusing on the MATE ROV program (Marine Advance Technology Education, Remote Operated Vehicle).

Faculty at all levels reviewed the scope of the science, technology and engineering offerings and decided that new possibilities, such as expansion of the engineering and technology offerings, was in order. This determined the focus for the Fund-a-Need at the 2016 Gala. Plans were formulated to convert one of the empty labs in Building 2 into an Innovation and Design lab for the use of elementary and secondary teachers and students. Materials identified for Early Childhood classrooms will also be checked out and maintained through the ID lab.

The expansion of athletics and fitness options for students has long been a goal and plans were made to circumvent the two perpetual obstacles of numbers of participants and the lack of appropriate facilities for several sports. Our Director of Auxiliary Programs is leading these efforts which are underway for the current school year.

Other projects included:

It is a fact that tuition does not cover the full cost of running the school and we extend the gratitude of students, teachers and staff to all of you who understand this and provide the extra support that allows us to continue to enhance and evolve our programs. We appreciate you all very much.

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Best Wishes,
Mary Schneider
Head of School