Dec. 10—Gingerbread Brunch

Gingerbread Brunch

For families and children of all ages, NC
Sponsored by Secondary Student Business
Brunch, 9 -11:30 a.m.
  • $15 per person over 10 years old
  • $6 for children 10 years old and under
  • Separate fee for Gingerbread House decorating 9:30 a.m.-noon: $20
Participants will enjoy an all-you-can-eat brunch including scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, bagels, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice.
You may also choose to decorate one gingerbread house which comes with icing and an assortment of candies to uniquely embellish your house. You will be able to take your house home with you the same day! All proceeds will go to the Secondary Student Business to fund their trips. Space is Limited. Preregistration is required, on Camp Brain.
Jan. 11—Family Alliance Crocs & Crafts Event
All students & families
5-7 p.m., NC
The Family Alliance coordinates a fun evening of crafts and a special show by Son of Reptile Man designed to bring together students and parents for an extra-special evening of learning and play!
Jan 13—Positive Discipline workshop
For parents
$10 per adult/$15 per couple, 6-8 p.m., NC
Register on Camp Brain
Learn about the time-tested philosophy of discipline used by Montessori teachers all over the world. This workshop will introduce you to methods to help:
  • Set kind and firm limits
  • Foster cooperation
  • Create a respectful home environment
  • Overcome enabling behavior
  • Develop responsibility and capability
  • Encourage independence
  • Find alternatives to punitive discipline
  • Find alternatives to permissive discipline

Bring the joy back into parenting! This two-hour workshop is for parents who are looking for long-term parenting skills that will encourage their children to think for themselves, become more responsible and have greater respect for themselves and others. The workshop is based on the best-selling “Positive Discipline” books by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., and will introduce parents to tools that get to the core of misbehavior, and invite cooperation.

This workshop is facilitated by Chip DeLorenzo, a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, who has been a Montessori educator and administrator for over 20 years. Chip is the Head of School at the Damariscotta Montessori School.

Jan. 19—Toddler Parent Education Nights
Toddler parents
Encouraging Language Skills, 6-7:15 p.m. NC campus Plaza
Language is not only expressive (what your child says), but receptive (what your child understands). Topics to be covered are toddler language milestones, when to be concerned, signing and language development activities.
Jan. 24—Wise-Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for raising successful tweens and teens, Laura Kastener, PhD
Parents of tweens and teens
$20 per adult/$30 for couples
7-9 p.m., at the Woodinville Alliance Church, 13940 NE 166th St., Woodinville
Raising a happy and successful teenager is a challenge for any parent, even the most patient and wisest among us. Parenting adolescents requires all sorts of skills that most of us don’t naturally possess. In this workshop you’ll learn how to tap your “wise mind” to calmly navigate even the stormiest of parenting moments. You’ll learn how to preserve your loving relationship while encouraging progress towards the 7 essentials of happy, healthy teens: Secure attachment to parents, Self-control, Academic success, Social thriving, Emotional flourishing, Strong character, Physical health.
With humor, wisdom and a deep understanding of the teenaged brain, Dr. Kastner, author of “Getting to Calm: Cool-Headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens and Teens,” provides clear and useful tools for parents, giving them effective new ways to manage their own emotions in the heat of the moment with their teen while maintaining—and even gaining—closeness.
Feb 1. & Feb 8—Childhood Anxiety, Joanna Thome Patten, PsyD
Parents of children all ages
$15 per adult to help defray the cost of the speaker fee/$20 for couples for the two-day workshop; complimentary child care
NC2, Ginkgo Classroom, 7-8:30 p.m.

Back by popular demand, Dr. Patten will be presenting current information on childhood anxiety. She is a pediatric psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital and also has a small practice in Woodinville. These workshops will help you learn about symptoms of childhood anxiety and some specific strategies for anxiety management. The workshops will include presentation, small group discussion and several interactive activities.

Feb. 16—Science Fair
All parents, grandparents and special friends
Upper Elementary and Middle School students will display the culmination of their research or Scientific Inquiry projects and present their findings, and answer questions from visitors at this annual event.
Feb. 16—Grandparents/Special Friends Day
Please check the specific time with your classroom teacher
All parents, Grandparents and special friends of Lower Elementary and Early Childhood students
Students at these levels will share their classroom with you and show favorite lessons, work and materials. Be sure to stop by and visit the Upper Elementary Science Fair this afternoon as well.
March 1—EC Parent Ed Night, Positive Discipline Oak Class
Early Childhood parents
6-7:30 p.m., Ginkgo classroom, Bldg 2., NC campus
Reserve your complimentary child care here.
March 16—Toddler Parent Education Night, Discipline
Toddler parents
6 p.m., Fig classroom
March 21—Savvy Parents Safe Kids Workshop, Kim Estes
Parents of children of all ages
$10 per adult/$15 per couple, to help defray the cost of the speaker fee
7-8:30 p.m., NC
Due to overwhelming parent interest, we have brought back Kim Estes to talk further about personal and social media safety. The workshop is designed for parents to gain the confidence needed to talk personal and social media safety with their children and to set appropriate family rules. Parents will learn practical, simple strategies and techniques to keep safety a part of their regular conversation. See the website for more specific information. You may register and pay for the workshop here, or register for child care here.
April 7—Spring Poetry Walk
All parents
5-6:30 p.m., Open House, NC 1 & 2
Come and explore student poetry from all levels in this fun open house style event. Scavenger hunt questions are provided to enhance interaction with the variety of work displayed.
April 20—All About Growing Up
Families and children aged 9-11
6-8 p.m., NC $45/family
Come join us for our annual puberty workshop! Puberty is a time of many changes and many questions. When families know what to expect and how to talk about puberty together, it can really help. Professional health educator, Robin Wallace-Wright, of The Wright Conversations, facilitates this fun 2-hour workshop. Girls and boys are separated during the workshop. Families learn about the physical, emotional and social changes of puberty—from body changes to mood swings to crushes. The evening includes a short video, parent-child activities and opportunities to get all questions answered. Healthy friendships and boundary-setting are also covered. Families have really enjoyed this interactive workshop and found the information extremely helpful.
April 28—Spring Auction/Gala
All WMS parents & guests
Evening, Inglewood Golf Club
Each year the WMS Family Alliance creates a Spring Gala celebration. The goal of the event is to fund Faculty Professional Development, classroom equipment and enrichment and add a special gift to the school. This is a dressy evening for parents to enjoy the friendships, both old and new, that they’ve formed as parents at WMS and to fulfill the school’s wish lists.
May 10—Early Childhood School Preview for Incoming 2017-2018 Parents
All parents of newly enrolled students for next school year
6:30-7:30 p.m., NC
At the campus where your child will be attending
Come find out all about your child’s Montessori program! Teachers walk you through a typical day, the classroom and outdoor environment, learning and social experiences your child will encounter and what you can do now to prepare your child for school. We also want to hear from you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet other new parents and families. Join us to learn more!
May 18—Island Night

All 6th-year families, Upper El parents and students, alumni and any other interested families
7 p.m., NC
This spectacular presentation by 6th-year students is a meaningful and favorite annual event. Students work throughout the year on this broad-ranging culminating project. This is their night to shine! Students present a live program highlighting portions of their studies then follow with in-depth displays of each student’s research and work about their “Island” and its native peoples, including creation stories, cultural history, shelter, clothing, food, topography, biomes, flora and fauna.
June 2—All-School Picnic
All WMS students & their families
5-8 p.m., Cottage Lake Park
Join in the fun at this All-School picnic. Bring a dish to share, and plan to mingle and play until the sun begins to set.
WMS Family Alliance events

All enrolled WMS families and guardians are automatically members of the Family Alliance. The FA gathers to enjoy the community that WMS offers as well as to volunteer and enrich the experience of all students. See Family Alliance page for more information.