Woodinville Montessori High School


A high school senior and a freshman work together in biology, extracting strawberry DNA. Multi-age classes help students obtain mastery.
A high school senior and a freshman work together in biology, extracting strawberry DNA. Multi-age classes help students obtain mastery.

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Woodinville Montessori High School (WMHS) graduated its first senior class in June 2017. All three seniors were accepted to multiple colleges of their choices, and will each attend college on full academic scholarships.

Opened at the request of our parents in September 2014, WMHS is based on a philosophy that honors the individual, respects a variety of learning styles and provides high-challenge educational opportunities to every student. It may be small, but it can be just the right fit for a student who loves to learn, to work in a supportive, close-knit environment and to go deep into subject areas, a student who appreciates finding connections, and understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

Flexible learning plans, seminar-style classes, mastery learning and time for reflection gives space for deep learning and encourages personal growth. The unique Montessori learning partnership between student and teacher results in young people who can confidently advocate for themselves and others.

Our dedicated college counselor really gets to know your student, and provides personal attention and tailored recommendations and assistance. We also encourage you to look into Tuition Assistance.

Our goal is that students leave WMS with:

  • a sense of their purpose in life
  • a strong moral compass
  • a firm academic foundation
  • the ability to take charge of their learning
  • the readiness to contribute positively to the world in their own unique way
Please visit these essential links:
  • School Profile WMHS 2017-2018, a report to colleges—see our school's graduation requirements and offerings, how our students do on college entrance exams and where some of our former students have matriculated.
  • WMMS-WMHS Course catalog 2017-2018—this is the full list and description of the courses our High School students may take.
  • WMHS Secondary Blog—the Secondary school blog provides a deeper look into some of the classes and activities at WMHS. You can also see examples of student work here.
  • Contact a high school staff member—see the staff names on this page.


Sunita Pailoor, Associate Head of School & Secondary Program Director, pre-algebra and algebra teacher

Alaine Davis, math, science, advisory teacher

Sharon Dunn, humanities, English, advisory teacher

Kelly Koffman, humanities, math, English, advisory teacher

Charlene Freeman, art

Kylie McElrath, drama

Jill O'Keefe, college counselor

Carlos Valencia, Spanish